Singer apologises to fans for disastrous live performance


Poor Mariah Carey was left red-faced last night after fans took to Twitter to criticise a less-than-perfect live performance.

The singer had planned to pre-record a rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You on Tuesday, with the video set to be shown on Wednesday's annual tree lighting at Rockefeller Centre in New York.

However a meeting with her lawyers to discuss her divorce from Nick Cannon apparently ran over by three hours, and so Mariah was forced to do her performance live last night instead.

Not a huge task for a seasoned singer like Ms. Carey, you'd think, but things didn't quite go to plan!

As well as struggling with a lot of the song's high notes, Mariah also appeared to struggle with her breathing and timing. Watch the clip below with Mariah's vocals isolated:

Ouch. Fans were quick to vent online about the flawed performance:

The singer did post a personal apology on Twitter – though given that it was posted before the live performance, the apology seems to be to those fans who had showed up to watch Tuesday's recording session.

We hope she gets her voice back on track for next year's rumoured tour of the UK and Ireland!