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Chris Rock has claimed that the current state of comedy has made it next to impossible to say anything "offensive and funny" anymore due to backlash.

While on presenting duties the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, he was presenting Bo Burnham with the Best First Film prize and joked;

"If it was five years ago, I could say something really offensive and funny right now, but I can’t do that anymore, so… hey!“

Hart controversially rejected the chance to apologise, after the Academy said they would be open to his return after doing so.

He then appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' day-time TV show, where she called for him to reconsider hosting the gig, but the job remains unfilled.

The LGBT+ are asking Hart to learn from the situation and act as an ally, rather than turn away from the problem.

Sarah Silverman was then criticised by Nick Cannon for old tweets containing homophobic slurs which Cannon claims she never faced consequences for.

Cannon believed it was a race issue, where black male comedians were facing different playing fields than their white, or female, counterparts.

A number of LGBT+ comedians rushed to Silverman's defence, claiming she had changed her actions and gracefully apologised, unlike Hart.

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars himself in 2005 and 2016, but said: “Steve Martin should host the Oscars! Because I’m not doing it, goddammit! You’re not getting me.”

The last time the Academy led the ceremony without a host was in 1989, so who knows what could happen this year?

One thing's for sure, Chris Rock has no intention on taking up the gig.


Everyone's favourite controversial comedienne took to social media yesterday to explain to her fans that she had a massive health scare. 

In a heart-felt Facebook post, Sarah told readers that she had gone to her doctor as a result of a sore throat, but it turned out that she was suffering from "a freak case of epiglottitis."

sarah silverman

Epiglottitis is a condition that causes swelling of the cartilage lid that covers the windpipe. The condition can block the flow of air into a person's lungs, and is potentially fatal. 

Sarah, 45, described her entire experience stating that she owed her life to "Dr. Shawn Nasseri, Dr. Robert Naruse, Dr. Rob Huizenga, every nurse, and every technician & orderly at Cedars who's punch-the-clock jobs happen to save human lives on the regular."

The Saturday Night Live star also took the time to recognise her boyfriend, actor Michael Sheen, who was by her side throughout the whole ordeal, calling him her "real-life hero." 

In her lengthy post on Facebook, Sarah was sure to include a couple of jokes, because well, she is HILARIOUS. 

She recalls stopping one of her nurses and "furiously wrote down a note and gave it to her. When she looked at it, it just said, "Do you live with your mother?" next to a drawing of a penis."

Good to know that even when the chips are down, Sarah can still make people laugh.

We are wishing her a speedy recovery! 



We have learned by now to take a lot of the crazy things Sarah Silverman comes out with as a joke, but the actress and comedienne had us gearing up for a mega celebrity feud with her latest Instagram post.

Sarah, who is currently dating actor Michael Sheen, appeared to take a rather nasty dig at Michael’s ex, Kate Beckinsale, in her latest Instagram post.

Sharing a picture of herself in front of a big screen featuring Kate’s face, the 43-year-old wrote: “I can’t believe my boyfriend ever dated this PIG.”

Before you jump to conclusions though, Sarah’s Instagram post was all in the name of comedy!

Indeed, Sarah recently spoke of her ‘love’ for the Underworld actress, who has a 15-year-old daughter from her marriage to Sheen.


I can't believe my boyfriend ever dated this PIG

A photo posted by @sarahkatesilverman on

Appearing on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show, Sarah said that far from being intimidated by Sheen’s string of beautiful exes, she takes it as a compliment.

“No, it’s more like, ‘Look at all these beautiful women and he loves me.’ It’s more like that, like, ‘Wow!’” she said.

Referring to Kate, Sarah added: “I love her. She’s hilarious…She’s really cool.”

Phew! That’s one potential catfight we can cross off the list!