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Currently cruising around on a yacht in the French Riviera, suffice to say that Kourtney Kardashian's Thursday is probably going somewhat better than yours is. 

Yup, the 37-year-old reality TV star is right this moment spending a spot of down-time with her kids – Mason, six, Penelope, four, and 18-month-old Reign – on a sprawling boat on the Mediterranean.

She has also been joined by her mother Kris Jenner and Kris's long-term boyf, Corey Gamble, 35.

Scott Disick, the father of Kourt's children, was not in attendance. 

And just when we reckoned we couldn't get any more envious of her carefree holiday – Ms Kardashian this evening posted a selfie of her gorgeous gold bikini, showing off her pretty rockin' bod in the process. 

The snap has already garnered hundreds of thousands of likes, with many fans commenting that Kourtney looks all sorts of seriously amazing – especially considering she has had three children.

The star has said in the past that she works out up to five times a week with a personal trainer. 



Us Irish ladies know our stuff when it comes to fake tan, so St Tropez definitely perked our ears when they launched a brand new and VERY interesting product last month.

The St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is the first gradual tanner of its kind, as it is made to be applied in the shower rather than onto dry skin. Nope, this is not a drastically late April Fools' Joke, this is the real deal. 

So how does it work?
According to the folks at St Tropez, you simply wash as usual in the shower, exfoliate if needed, then step out of the flow of the water and lather the (non-tinted) lotion all over your body. Wait three minutes and then rinse off with water only. Your tan will then gradually develop over the rest of the day, leaving you with a warm golden glow.

Why is it any better than normal tan?
If this product does what's promised, it will save us the hassle of stinky sheets and PJs, stained towels and all the other joys that come with overnight tan… WIN.

Is it any good?
The reviews so far have been extremely mixed, but in general positive. Beauty vlogger Laura Black said she saw a very natural looking golden glow, but that came after 5 consecutive days of use, so this is not one to try the day of a big event. She also praised the lotion for giving her a totally streak free tan.

However another reviewer on the Boots site called the new product a "joke", adding, "I have been using this product every day for the past four days, and can see very little difference, I even take a timer into the bathroom so I get it right in fact I have nearly used the whole tube…I wont be using it again."

One reviewer on Amazon noted that the lotion dries very quickly – there's no "stickiness" after the shower and you can get dressed straight away.

While the lotion is touted as a daytime tanner, many reviewers complained about the strong smell that clung to their skin for the day, so you may prefer to use it at night and shower again in the morning. 

As for value for money, if you plan on using this every day, you'll be shelling out for another bottle in a week's time, so it's not exactly a bargain.

The verdict?
A great idea, but more of an everyday product than one for a night out of special occasion… and the price is a bit off-putting.


This pair certainly won’t be stuck for cash, that’s for sure.

Mariah Carey is reportedly dating Australian billionaire, James Packer. The new couple have been spotted holding hands while holidaying in Italy.

So, just who is James Packer… aside from being one of the wealthiest men down under?

Mr Packer is the son of the late media mogul Kerry Packer. The 47-year-old inherited the family company which he sold and now owns a string of hotels and casinos.

As the 4th wealthiest person in Australia, he is worth an estimated €4 billion. This makes Mariah’s €440 million look like pocket change!

The couple are currently vacationing in Capri in Italy. According to TMZ they are staying on the casino mogul’s yacht before heading on to Cannes and then St. Tropez.

We can only imagine what Nick Cannon must be feeling right about now!

This is the first person that Mariah has been romantically linked with since her divorce from Nick last year.

Mariah also made headlines two week's ago when her brother spoke out, saying that despite not having seen his sister in two years, he was extremely worried about her alcohol abuse issues. Although, reports have suggested that Mariah’s siblings are simply looking for attention from their 45-year-old sister.

It definitely looks like she’s managing just fine to us!  



OK, so we’re trying really hard not to be jealous, but COME ON!

We know that Selena – joined by new bestie Cara Delevingne – has been celebrating her 22nd birthday by sunning it up on the coast of St Tropez.

And by the looks of things on Instagram, the pair have been having a whale of a time.

It’s all helicopter rides, yacht parties, glamour, glamour and more glamour.

The lifestyle of the rich and famous…*long sigh.