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We’re finally heading back to Poplar tonight and we couldn’t be happier about it. A new series of Call The Midwife airs on BBC One at 8pm.

Series nine of the wonderful drama series will feature eight emotional episodes and there’s no doubt each of them will leave us in floods of tears.

Tonight’s episode is set to be an intense watch so make sure you have the tissues at the ready.


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Episode one sees the midwives tackle an unexpected outbreak of diphtheria. The bacterial disease produces a powerful toxin which damages organs and tissues throughout the body.

As well as tackling this outbreak, the ladies of Nonnatus House have to help find the mum of a baby after Fred discovers the tiny tot in a dustbin.


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All of our favourite midwives will be back for series nine, including Nurse Trixie, Nurse Lucille Anderson, Nurse Phyllis Crane and Nurse Valerie Dyer.

The new series of Call The Midwife will be set in 1965 and the midwives will face some of their most major cases to date.

Speaking about the upcoming episodes, the team shared: “After an eventful Christmas in 1964, our intrepid team leap right into Poplar in 1965 – a world in rapid motion, but one in which the most important human needs never change.”

Call The Midwife airs at 8pm on BBC One.


Call The Midwife fans, we’ve got an early Christmas present for you! The BBC has finally confirmed the release date for series nine and it’s a lot sooner than we thought.

There’s nothing we love more than curling up on the sofa to watch the touching drama series and our Sundays will be back to normal in mere weeks.

Call The Midwife returns to BBC One on January 5.

That’s right! We only have a few more weeks until the series returns.

The show revealed the wonderful news on Instagram. Alongside a photo of the series nine cast, they wrote:

‘NEWS! The brand new Series 9 of Call the Midwife will premiere on Sunday January 5th at 8pm on BBC1!’


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Until then, we have the Christmas special to look forward to. Call The Midwife's Christmas episode will air on December 25 at 7pm.

We’re in for a treat this year as the ladies of Nonnatus House head to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.


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Helen George, who plays Nurse Trixie, recently opened up to This Morning about the Christmas episode.

“It was beautiful because we got to film there for four weeks and it's such a stunning place. It becomes a character in itself, it's so cinematic, and it was really cold. Because the surroundings are just so beautiful that you don't want to ignore it!"

Call The Midwife series nine airs on January 5, 2020.


There are so many incredible series on Netflix at the moment yet all I ever watch are old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

I decided to give up on McDreamy and delve into a new series but there was a little too much to choose from.

We can waste hours scrolling through Netflix, looking for a show that isn’t too long, too serious, too boring or too cheesy, it’s not a simple mission.

After crying at pretty much every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I felt like I needed to watch something a little lighter so I put Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings on.

And it was the best decision.

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings is an anthology series that showcases the stories, memories, and inspirations behind her most beloved songs. 

New and classic Dolly music will score every episode. Each story will vary in tone, from love stories and inspirational tales to family dramas, westerns, and revenge comedies. 

Songs include Jolene, These Old Bones, IF I Had Wings, JJ Sneed, Two Doors Down, Down from Dover, Sugar Hill and Crack Jack.

I was hooked after episode one, which is based on her hit song Jolene. Julianne Hough stars as hopeful musician Jolene who has been vowing to movie to Nashville and make a name for herself for years but has never taken that leap. Each episode teaches you about Dolly's music, the story behind the songs but you'll also learn valuable life lessons that'll stick with you after the credits roll.

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings is a must-watch, especially for those of you who are massive fans of the country music singer. It is heartwarming and eye-opening and has the best soundtrack too. What more could you ask for?

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings is available on Netflix now.


If you're a fan of conspiracy theories, drama series and Julia Roberts then you're in luck.

Amazon's latest show, Homecoming, is launching on Amazon Prime Video this autumn and you will be hooked. 

Directed by Sam Esmail (MR. ROBOT), it is being described as ''a mind-bending psychological thriller.''  

The story goes: Heidi Bergman (Roberts) is a caseworker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a Geist Group facility helping soldiers transition back to civilian life. 

Overseeing Heidi and the facility is Colin Belfast (Bobby Cannavale), an ambitious company man whose manic demands point to questionable motives. 

Several years later, Heidi has started a new life with her mother (Sissy Spacek) and working as a small-town waitress, when a Department of Defence auditor (Shea Whigham) comes to her with questions about why she left the Homecoming facility. 

Heidi begins to realise that there’s a whole other story behind the story she’s been telling herself.  

The series is based on the popular podcast of the same name from Gimlet Media, created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg. 

The cast also includes Alex Karpovsky, Jeremy Allen White and Dermot Mulroney among others.

Homecoming will debut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video Autumn 2018.


If you're anything like us, you were on tenderhooks during the Netflix Original series The Sinner.

The psychological thriller turned murder mystery had us on the edge of our seats, as the series followed Cora (played by the divine Jessica Biel) as she navigates her inner psyche to discover her motivation for a shocking murder. 

No spoilers here, because everyone deserves to watch this show with fresh eyes. 


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Fans were clamouring for a second series, but with the first storyline ending with finality, many wondered if The Sinner 2 would ever be a possibility. 

Thankfully, word from the Netflix Gods is that the series is coming back for a second series.

According to Spoiler TV, the show is returning with a new horrific case for Detective Ambrose to solve.


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'In the wake of the Cora Tannetti case, Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is called back to his hometown in distant rural New York to assess a disturbing new crime: an 11-year-old boy's horrific double-homicide and his seemingly inexplicable motive,' reads the description

'As comes to realise there's nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from, his investigation leads him straight into the hidden darkness of his hometown and pitting him against those who'll stop at nothing to protect its secrets.' 

We have chills down our spines already just thinking about it. 

There's no word yet on a release date, but hopefully Netflix will turn it around ASAP. 


Fancy a stint on TV? Well, your time has officially come… as long as you can drive, that is.

As part of an exciting new RTÉ series, Oddboy Media are looking for motorists to take part in a number of day-long driving track tests in an effort to see how your driving ability is affected when faced with various different factors.

Elaborating on the launch, Oddboy Media have said: “We are looking for people from all adult age groups, a mix of men and women and from all parts of the country,”

Oh, and if you think those pesky penalty points will exclude you from taking part, fear not!

“We are particularly interested in meeting people with a less than perfect driving history, be it penalty points for speeding, mobile phone use, drink driving, etc,” they added.

“Our only condition is you must have a valid full Irish driver licence and are willing to take part.”

So if you want in, simply email your name, contact info, a recent photo and a brief paragraph on your driving history to this address.

Ladies, it’s over to you.


There is nothing better than settling down for a night of Netflix, but unfortunately we've already finished 13 Reasons Why, binged watched Planet Earth and re-watched Stranger  Things.

We're definitely ready for some new viewing material, and luckily Netflix is providing just that.

Here's five must-watch series coming up in the next month. 

5. Girlboss

Loosely based on the life Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s rise to retail success, season one of Girlboss is arriving on our Netflix screens on April 21. 

The show documents how the entrepreneur started off selling thrift store finds on eBay, before moving on to selling her own creations, eventually culminating in the online store Nasty Gal.

4. Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

The new series is a follow up from the riveting documentary of the same name.

This series exposes how women are portrayed in pornography these days, and how the industry has changed and developed through the eyes of the men and women involved.

Warning, the trailer is NSFW.

3. Casting JonBenet

Casting Jon Benet is due out on April 28, just as the 20th anniversary of the murder of child pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey.

Netflix have decided to offer up a documentary of their own about the subject amongst an influx of others, but their take on the mystery is quite different than all the others. 

The documentary epic explores the murder through the theories of actors, all from the Boulder, Colorado area, auditioning to take part in the flick, using their opinions to tell the sorry tale.

2. Dear White People

The first season of this show is due out on April 28, and the divisive series is definitely one to watch.

The series is set to explore race and cultural appropriation, judging from the ad.

The trailer has almost ten times more dislikes than likes, so we'd say the debates over this one will be complex and poignant.  

1. The Get Down: Part 2

The first season of The Get Down was extremely well received, and fans took to social media to praise the musical drama series.

Now, part two is coming on April 7, and we cannot wait!



Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery will soon be transitioning from our TVs to our laptops as she has landed a role in a new Netflix period drama.

The actress – who played Lady Mary in the hit ITV show for five years – has reportedly landed the female lead in a new Netflix mini-series called Godless.

According to The Mirror, the 34-year-old will take up the role of ranch owner Alice Fletcher in the show which is set to be released next year.

Jack O’Connell – who found fame while playing James Cook in Skins – and Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom have also been cast in the series.

It looks like there’s going to be lot of good stuff coming to the portable screen in the coming months as just last week Netflix announced they are producing new episodes of Making a Murderer

Bring on the Winter binge!

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We mentioned before that the new series of HBO’s Game of Thrones had been announced for April 7th 2014, but now we have even better news.

The first trailer has been released by HBO and it looks set to be an intense and bloody season – so it’s just like all the other ones then. But that’s why we love it, right?

Tune in on Sky Atlantic in April for series 4 of Game of Thrones. 




Fans can breathe a sigh of sweet relief as HBO’s Game of Thrones has finally been given a release date for the long-awaited fourth series of the popular show.

The last series ended on a major “Aaaaaghhh” moment (don’t worry, no spoilers here) so we cannot wait to see what happens next!

A trailer will be released this Sunday, January 12th as a taste of what is to come in this series. It was announced at the 2014 Winter TCA Press Tour in Pasadena that the series itself will begin April 6th 2014.

Filming for the series, which is based on books by George R.R. Martin, took place primarily in Northern Ireland and stars some amazing actors, such as Jack Gleeson, Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke who portrays the beautiful and powerful Daenerys Targaryen.

Tune into Sky Atlantic on April 7th 2014 to catch the new series, only 24hrs after America audiences see it, which means less internet spoilers, yay!