New Netflix documentary on JonBenét Ramsey looks chilling


As the 20th anniversary of the murder of child pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey drew near, a massive influx of documentaries about the unsolved whodunit occurred.

Now, Netflix has decided to offer up a documentary of their own, but their take on the mystery is quite different than all the others. 

The trailer for the new doc is out, and it looks completely riveting. 

The documentary epic explores the murder through the theories of actors auditioning to take part in the flick, essentially breaking the third wall of filmmaking in an intimate an exploratory way. 

Casting JonBenét uses the opinions of actors, all from the Boulder, Colorado area, to tell the sorry tale. 

The film "expands the formal horizons of a documentary," according to the The Hollywood Reporter, and we must say that it looks very intriguing

The documentary first appeared at the Sundance Film Festival before it was snagged by Netflix.

We literally cannot wait to watch.