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The weather has been far from cute lately, and sadly the Ester weekend may be no different.

While today will be mostly dry with a few sunny spells, there will be some scattered showers, particularly in the east. Temperatures will remain around 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Be especially safe Sunday night, as heavy rain is expected in the southern counties, and will travel northward overnight and into Monday.

A status yellow weather warning is in place from 6pm Sunday April 1 to 6pm Monday April 2.

Frost, hail, and thunder risks are all possibilities over the Easter weekend.

Hailstones especially can make driving quite hazardous due to their unpredictable and localised nature.

If you find yourself in a downpour of hailstones, you are advised to reduce your speed without braking and to increase your braking distance.

As well, you should use your headlights (don’t forget, your daytime running lights only give light to the front of your car) and, if need be, warn other drivers with hazard warning lights.

Drivers are also recommended to switch off cruise control when driving in treacherous conditions and avoid sudden steering movements or braking suddenly.

Stay safe out there gals.


Fancy a stint on TV? Well, your time has officially come… as long as you can drive, that is.

As part of an exciting new RTÉ series, Oddboy Media are looking for motorists to take part in a number of day-long driving track tests in an effort to see how your driving ability is affected when faced with various different factors.

Elaborating on the launch, Oddboy Media have said: “We are looking for people from all adult age groups, a mix of men and women and from all parts of the country,”

Oh, and if you think those pesky penalty points will exclude you from taking part, fear not!

“We are particularly interested in meeting people with a less than perfect driving history, be it penalty points for speeding, mobile phone use, drink driving, etc,” they added.

“Our only condition is you must have a valid full Irish driver licence and are willing to take part.”

So if you want in, simply email your name, contact info, a recent photo and a brief paragraph on your driving history to this address.

Ladies, it’s over to you.



Lads, we don't think we could handle another public transport strike.

Drivers at Dublin Bus are now seeking the same pay increase that their Luas counterparts received.

Following what seemed like a million strikes by Luas drivers this year, Dublin Bus drivers are heading to the Labour Court today to fight for a pay rise, since they haven't received one since 2008.

They will also argue that drivers have agreed and implemented many re-structural plans over the past few years and the company has seen "steady increases" to annual revenue and passenger numbers.

John Murphy, SIPTU's organiser said: "The pay claim by our members in Dublin Bus envisages the creation of an agreement with a three-year duration that includes annual pay increases.

"Such an agreement should be in-line with the deal negotiated by SIPTU representatives for our members working on the Luas light rail network that, we believe, sets the standard for transport workers in Ireland.

"Taking into account the productivity increases achieved and wage restraint shown over the last eight years, our members in Dublin Bus are calling for pay rises to be granted that are not dependant on the implementation of any further cost saving measures," he added.

Hopefully they can sort it all out quick and handy and we won't be hit with another public transport strike.



There was absolute uproar when Luas drivers announced the dates of their June strikes yesterday.

Commuters going to and from work have probably gotten used to the, ahem… inconvenience, but what Luas drivers didn't realise was that their industrial action clashes with the first three days on the State Examinations.

However, after being formally notified, the strikes on June 8, 9 and 10 will now take place between 6pm and 10pm.

The move comes as a major relief to students, parents and teachers who were concerned about the added amount of pressure that the strikes would induce on the students.

And just to remember, there's a strike on tomorrow, so be prepared to find an alternative route to your destination.



Negotiation talks were MEANT to take place today between SIPTU and Transdev Luas Drivers, but they were cancelled before they even started.

As more and more differences arise from both parties, the talks have been shelved for the time being, meaning that the Luas strikes planned for March 8th and Paddy's Day are going ahead.

They're even talking about further strike action after Paddy's Day since claims have been made that Luas drivers are taking prolonged toilet breaks to disrupt the service.

SIPTU's Eoin Reddy said: "If the allegation (of orchestrated toilet breaks) is true, it's serious and it wouldn’t be appropriate or right, (but) just because the company has said it's true, doesn’t mean that it is.

"This is a company that seems to want to spend more time demonising their staff in the media than rolling their sleeves up and negotiating with us."

Since the Luas strikes royally mess up the city, we just want this thing to be worked out once and for all.