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A Star Is Born has everyone sobbing and singing in the shower; Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's flick about an aged rock star who plucks a young musician from oblivion and elevates her platform, while falling in love at the same time.

The movie is currently on the awards run, vying to win the Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars, as well as Best Original Song and Best Actor/Actress nominations for the protagonists.

The reboot film is inspiring in it's treatment of male depression, fame, talent and romance; it's even inspired this outrageously amazing lip art.


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We think this artwork alone deserves numerous accolades, I mean WOW.

It was created by Ryan Kelly, a make-up artist with some serious talents. She just gave beauty enthusiasts a reason to rewatch the film over-and-over again. 

Kelly has blown us away with her intricate designs, she's also behind some of the best Bird Box lip art and Golden Girls lip art features we've ever seen.

We can practically HEAR Shallow play while we gaze at those painted lips. It's unbelievably life-like.

Why can't we be this talented? BRB, going to painstakingly hone our artistry skills and then cry when we can't recreate Ryan's artwork.



So, when Beyoncé broke the internet three weeks ago with her pregnancy announcement, we expected there to be a few copycats emerging from the Beyhive.

There was even a pregnant chihuahua who posed for her own Beyoncé-themed photo shoot, and now beauty bloggers are also being inspired by Bey's blossoming bump photo. 


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Taking to Instagram, uber-popular makeup artist Jezmina Daniel shared a snap of some very exciting lip art with her 1.1 million followers.

The lip art guru painstakingly painted the image of Bey's pregnancy picture onto her lips, and it looks bomb AF.

We can barely draw a stick man on paper, never mind a full photo shoot on our lips.


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 Jezmina even included Bey's green veil and flower garland. 

The beauty blogger is famous for her lip art looks, and each one is an absolute masterpiece.

Here are a few more of our favourites: 


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Were you a massive fan of glitter lips last year? Well, get ready to freak out! 

Image result for star sprinkles cupcake

Sequin star lips were spotted at Berlin Fashion Week at both the holyGhost and Lena Hoschek shows… and they're fabulous.

You know those lovely star-shaped sprinkles you find on cupcakes? They look just like them. 

The beauty of this look is that it's versatile, and very easy to create. 


Идём дальше ? немного васаби #lenahoschek #mbfwberlin #beautylook #asian

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According to the lovely folks at Allure, you simply apply a colour of your choice (we suggest a nude or pink) and then apply the stars using a cotton bud and lip gloss. 


 Berlin fashionweek #berlin #fashion #fashionweek #lenahoschek #model #mylife

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However, despite looking super-groovy, this lip-look is far from practical; so if you plan on eating, drinking or smooching, we suggest you avoid it. 

We love it, but we think it should maybe stay on the runway…

What do you think? 


Nothing is more impressive than a make up artist with super-natural skills.

Well, Ryan Kelly of RyanKellyMUA is absolutely no exception to this.


Palm Reader This was actually a full face look! Whaaat? So I'll be posting a full tutorial (with a re-arranged pop song turned super creepy by my hubs, @ahmadibrahim97, and I) tomorrow! Product list: @katvondbeauty Liquid Lipstick in Witches @nyxcosmetics black liner pencil @furlesscosmetics loose shadow pigment in Fradulent (pink-ish tones on my cheeks/eyes) @wolfefaceartfx palette (white) @mehronmakeup metallic paradise paint palette (colors in my eyes) @makeupforeverofficial flash palette (colors on my eyes) @regentcouture septum ring #ryankellymua #lipart #lipoftheday #liquidlipstick #kvdbeauty #fortuneteller #palmreader #witchcraft #magic #halloweenmakeup #septumring #moonchild #indigochild #palmistry #crystalball

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Ryan is a professional makeup artist, who specialises in lip art, and it is MIND-BLOWING…


Stranger Things Lips! I asked you guys earlier who your fav @strangerthingstv character was, and almost all of you said El. Of course, I totally agree, so I centered the look around her a bit more. Again, check out the original fan art by @cakes_comics! Products: @jeffreestarcosmetics Drug Lord for the base color on my top lip @katvondbeauty Witches for the base color on my lower lip and foundation/concealer is her Lock It line in 45W and White Out (best thing ever) @nyxcosmetics Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in Vivid Fire for the lower lip details and their liquid brow marker in medium for the trees on top @wolfefaceartfx water activated black body paint for the black details and tattoo @mehronmakeup blood gel in my nose #ryankellymua #lipart #strangerthings #lotd #fanart #eleven #lippie #mehronmakeup #kissandmakeupday #kvdbeauty #jeffreestarcosmetics #nyxcosmetics #fangirl #cosplaymakeup

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Seriously, we're looking through her Instagram wondering if the pictures are photo-shopped (they're not…).

Ryan has over 57,000 followers on her popular Insta-page, and for good reason.


YOU GUYSSSS! Unless you've been living under a big ole' boring rock, by now you've probably heard of @storybookcosmetics– the freakin' genius new makeup brand that will marry two things EVERYONE loves: "Fangirl" culture and cosmetics!!!  After the announcement of their first pre-sale item, a Potter-esq magic wand makeup brush set, totally went viral, my awesome friend, @thegeekycauldron and her equally awesome seesters @thesorcerersphone and @halfbloodprints have accumulated close to 100k followers in a WEEK!! You must… MUST go check out their page. Prepare to squeal in delight. Since waiting 6-8 weeks to receive the most fab makeup brushes you've ever seen is kinda hard, I did what I could to curb the excitement with this lippie look. Hope everyone is having a magical Sunday! #storybookcosmetics #harrypotter #lipart #ryankellymua #lippy #makeupbrushes #smallbusiness #fangirling

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She posts images of the amazing lip art she creates, which typically get thousands of likes from fans.


"You've always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself." Products: @jeffreestarcosmetics Drug Lord as a base @mehronmakeup paradise paint palette for all of the colors and green witch fingers @nyxcosmetics face and body glitter in red and white liner pencil for definition @certifeye dark red and black glitter for depth in the ruby slippers @furlesscosmetics loose pigment in violate (yellow) to give the yellow brick road a little glow @katvondbeauty lock it concealer in neutral for clean up Inspired by all of the beautiful red glitter @patmcgrathreal has brought to the gram! #lipart #ryankellymua #patmcgrath #thewizardofoz #rubyredslippers #redlip #glitter #lust004 #lipstutorial #turnyourlipson #patsmostloyal #beautyblogger

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This amazingly talented lady has done lip murals dedicated to Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz and even Stranger things.

Anyone brave enough to attempt these looks?



With Kylie Jenner selling out lipkits like there’s no tomorrow, it’s pretty obvious lips are the one facial feature which still dominates all others.

And while a perfectly natural-looking pout is still viewed as something to aspire to, there is a new wave of Instagram makeup gurus who are taking the application of lipstick to a whole new level.

A quick “#lipart” search on Insta produces thousands of results, so to save you trolling through an endless stream of mouths, we’ve selected some of our favourite interpretations of this growing trend and channelled them into this easy list.


This sunset style is perfect for anyone who's left their heart in NYC.


The Evil Villain:

For lips that look like something straight out of a comic book, check out this venomous style.


Ice Queen:

According to the sharer of this design, looking like an Ice Queen involves multiple liquid lipsticks, a pot of Vaseline and even some lube!


Golden Gift:


Day 13: Rose Gold  #30DaysofLipArt

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This piece of lip art takes the meaning of “golden goddess” to a whole new level.


Swirl Girl:

How cute is this kaleidoscope of pink shades?


Razzle Dazzle:


 OBSESSED Such amazing talent by @theminaficent lip creativity !!! How artistic is this ??

A photo posted by Tania Hair & Makeup Studios (@taniastudios) on

There’s pink, there’s hearts, there’s stick-ons and there’s glitter.  What’s not to love?


Baby Bear:

Do your lips smile at the sight of gummy bears?  Then why not turn them into one by recreating this adorable blue and pink look?

Feat image: themakeuphoneyblog.com


Pucker up ladies. 

If you're a mega movie fan you're in for a treat as there's a new tasty way to show your movie devotion… on your mouth. 

Gone are the days of having a film poster on your wall or wearing a t-shirt with your favourite character on it. The new craze to show your love… is lip art.

It might sound crazy but once you have seen these pictures of designs created by make-up artists Eva Senin Parnas, we guarantee you'll change your tune. Eva decided to design a visual treat for movie fans and created a slew of stunning designs to showcase her favourite movies. 

Talking to MTV News Eva said, “Make-up can tell a story or show that you are a fan of a film or a series. Some people have a poster in their rooms. I wear Game of Thrones lips to show my love for the series.”

Here's a look at some of her amazing designs:

The Hunger Games


Iron Man




Alice in Wonderland


Grease (red car and silver lightning at the closing scene of the movie)


Harry Potter (Slytherin House themed symbol)


The Cookie Monster


The Hunger Games Mockingjay