Move over Kylie: These Insta stars are OWNING the world of lip art


With Kylie Jenner selling out lipkits like there’s no tomorrow, it’s pretty obvious lips are the one facial feature which still dominates all others.

And while a perfectly natural-looking pout is still viewed as something to aspire to, there is a new wave of Instagram makeup gurus who are taking the application of lipstick to a whole new level.

A quick “#lipart” search on Insta produces thousands of results, so to save you trolling through an endless stream of mouths, we’ve selected some of our favourite interpretations of this growing trend and channelled them into this easy list.


This sunset style is perfect for anyone who's left their heart in NYC.


The Evil Villain:

For lips that look like something straight out of a comic book, check out this venomous style.


Ice Queen:

According to the sharer of this design, looking like an Ice Queen involves multiple liquid lipsticks, a pot of Vaseline and even some lube!


Golden Gift:


Day 13: Rose Gold  #30DaysofLipArt

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This piece of lip art takes the meaning of “golden goddess” to a whole new level.


Swirl Girl:

How cute is this kaleidoscope of pink shades?


Razzle Dazzle:


 OBSESSED Such amazing talent by @theminaficent lip creativity !!! How artistic is this ??

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There’s pink, there’s hearts, there’s stick-ons and there’s glitter.  What’s not to love?


Baby Bear:

Do your lips smile at the sight of gummy bears?  Then why not turn them into one by recreating this adorable blue and pink look?

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