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Were you a massive fan of glitter lips last year? Well, get ready to freak out! 

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Sequin star lips were spotted at Berlin Fashion Week at both the holyGhost and Lena Hoschek shows… and they're fabulous.

You know those lovely star-shaped sprinkles you find on cupcakes? They look just like them. 

The beauty of this look is that it's versatile, and very easy to create. 


Идём дальше ? немного васаби #lenahoschek #mbfwberlin #beautylook #asian

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According to the lovely folks at Allure, you simply apply a colour of your choice (we suggest a nude or pink) and then apply the stars using a cotton bud and lip gloss. 


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However, despite looking super-groovy, this lip-look is far from practical; so if you plan on eating, drinking or smooching, we suggest you avoid it. 

We love it, but we think it should maybe stay on the runway…

What do you think? 



Even though New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Week are still a while away, other cities around the world have been putting their best fashion foot forward in a week dedicated to all things style.

Honestly, most of us never take notice of Berlin Fashion Week – but looking at these street style photos, we definitely should.

Paying homage to upcoming and vintage trends alike, these trailblazers are at the top of our list when it comes to inspo.

Brace yourselves ladies, because you're going to want to go on a shopping spree after you see these fashionable women:









We told you.


Images: Soren Jepsen