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When you think about it, it was kinda inevitable that Katie Price would someday have another reality TV show, but we didn't expect THIS to be the theme.

Katie Price's Pony Club is going to air on TLC this summer and it will star Katie, her son Junior, her daughter Princess and a few of their friends.


Wooo started filming my new reality show for @tlctvuk

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It's going to be based around their journey trying out elite pony clubs – we kid you not.

Cameras will follow the young riders as they are supported by their overly competitive mothers.

Katie said: “I’ve not done a reality show for four years and I’m so excited to be doing this with TLC. This really is a dream come true."




In case you didn't see it, Junior Andre appeared on Loose Women alongside his sister Princess and mum Katie Price yesterday. 

And it seems the 10-year-old has earned himself a legion of new fans for the sassy way he called out his mother on the hit daytime show. 

And it's safe to say that Twitter was obsessed. Here's why: 

1) He wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions on live television 

"Mom, why did you divorce my dad?" 

2) He had a LOT of opinions on plastic surgery 

"People are perfect how they are."


3) He totally had his sisters back, even if it meant going against mom 

"Pedophiles will be attracted to her mom!" 

4) When he asked the tough questions 

"Hi the Vamps, I am about to prove that I am ten times cooler than you." 


5) And the cherry on top was his stellar performance of Mysterious Girl 

"Go away mom, you're stealing my thunder." 




She already has five children from three different fathers, but Katie Price doesn't want to stop having babies.

She even admitted today that she wants to make a reusable pregnancy test so she doesn't have to fork out cash whenever her period is late.

The 37-year-old joked about the imaginary equipment while appearing on Loose Women today.

"What I should invent is a pregnancy test that you can keep reusing, instead of paying ten pounds for a new one. I might stop having all them babies then."

However, despite her best efforts to remain coy about her joke, fellow host Andrea McLean couldn't help but say, "it's not the pregnancy test that you need… It's a condom, love."

Katie was clearly blushing but saved herself by admitting she wants more children.

"I'm going to keep going until the doctors say I can't have any more. I need that newborn again. I absolutely hate being pregnant. But I still want more," she said recently. 

Katie already has Harvey, 13 who she had with Dwight Yorke, Junior, 10 and Princess, seven, with ex-hubby Peter Andre and Jett, two, and Bunny, 19-months-old, who she has with her current partner Kieran Hayler. 


Katie Price is no stranger to controversy. 

In the past few months she has faced parenting criticism after allowing her nine-year-old daughter to wear make-up and now it seems people are divided on her comments about son Harvey. 

Speaking on Loose Women, the mother-of-three revealed she would not have continued her pregnancy at the time had she known Harvey would have special needs. 

"I was young when I had Harvey and I admit it, that if I knew he was blind before I had him, as harsh as it sounds, I probably would have aborted him. 

"Because to me it's like, 'Oh my God, it's blind, how would I cope?'. I know it sounds harsh."

She went on to say that now, she would not change her son for the world now. 

"But now it's like, oh my god no way. If I got pregnant again and they said, 'Your child's going to have disabilities,' or anything, I would definitely keep it.

"I would even adopt a child with disabilities. Until you're in that situation, you don't know."

Harvey, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, was born when Katie was just 23 to football player Dwight Yorke. 

"I absolutely love Harvey so much. I would never change anything about him. Yes it's challenging, but it's also rewarding.

"He's a great character and I love him. I don't think anyone should be ashamed at all if they've got a child with disabilities."

Watch the interview below: 




A children's beauty pageant has invited Katie Price's daughter, Princess, to take part in the competition – and it looks like she might accept.

The 8-year-year in being lined up for the Toddlers and Tiara's type pageant which is to be held in either Dublin or Cork.

Katie's daughter recently came under fire for wearing make-up and sharing the picture on social media, but Katie insists that it's her decision if she wants to put on lipstick or not.

The Irish competition is going to be held by an American company, Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant, and the show's host seems to think it would be the best idea for Princess to accept the invite.

“I know Katie’s daughter has been invited to go to another pageant in the US… But she doesn’t need to go to all that trouble and expense, because I’ll be bringing America to Ireland,” Annette Hill told Goss.

Katie will certainly be an interesting show mom.


Well, any Katie Price fans out there can now get a little bit of Jordan all to themselves. 

Katie is selling one of her wedding dresses – on actual eBay – and we just can't help but wonder why. 

It is thought that the dress is the one she wore for her marriage reception to Alex Reid in 2010, although it's not specified. 

The listing says: “Stunning wedding dress by David’s Bridal. Katie wore this to her wedding reception for a few hours.”

But our favourite line is: "This was expensive."

The eBay listing also includes photos of the bride and her best friends, Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner. 

The price started at £250 (€327) on Monday night and at time of writing it is already up to £2650.99 (€3470).

Katie must have been reminiscing over the weekend though, as she also replied to a tweet from Kim Kardashian… from SEVEN years ago. 

While the glamour model was trying make it big in America in 2009 and Kim tweeted that she saw Katie on the plane.

Kim said: "Omg Katie Price aka Jordan and her husband Peter are on my flight home from NYC!"

And Katie replied: "Awe that is so cute! Thankyou Kim #Flashback."



A mother and daughter have spent thousands on treatments to look like former glamour model, Katie Price. 

This is a seriously extreme plastic surgery story and it seems to have taken celebrity obsession to a whole new level. 

Georgina Clarke, 38 and her daughter Kayla Morrie, 20 transformed themselves with bigger boobs, bums and lips and they claim these transformations have brought them closer together. 

20-year-old Kayla told The Sun: "My mum is my best friend an plastic surgery is our way of bonding. Every time we go under the knife, we get closer to looking like Katie."

Daughter Kayla funded her and her mothers operations through a stripping job and she claims she had a 'suger daddy' who was also paying some of the surgery bills until recently. 

The duo have been obsessed with Katie Prices's alter-ego, Jordan, for years and have always wanted to copy her look. When Kayla announced that she wanted a boob job while still in primary school, her mother loved the idea as she was already addicted to looking like Katie.

Georgina said: "I was so pleased. I admitted I wanted one too and we started planning for when she turned 18. I don't mind that Kayla had a sugar daddy and she insisted we use the money to get plastic surgery together."

The pair admit their 'Jordan' look takes a lot of  maintenance as they both have to regularly get lip fillers, botox and dye their hair blonde. 

And that's not all, they both use sunbeds up to five times a week. Seriously, where do they find the time for all of this?




Peter Andre was set to be sunning himself on honeymoon with his new wife Emily MacDonagh this week, but unfortunately things have not gone quite to plan.

The singer tied the knot just a few days ago, but has been forced to delay his post-wedding holiday after being called to the High Court. Peter appeared in court in London yesterday and is due to return to give evidence today.

The case, a contract dispute between Peter's former producer Neville Hendricks and ITV2, could spell bad news for Peter as it involves a number of fairly shocking claims. Neville is suing ITV2 for almost £550,000 (€500,000) in damages after his contract to produce all of Peter Andre's reality shows was terminated.

The plug was pulled on the contract back in 2011 after relations got messy between Neville, Peter and Neville's ex-wife Claire. In the end, Peter agreed for responsibility for all of his reality shows to be passed over to Claire, something which Neville says he is owed damages for from ITV2.

In an effort to give context to his relationship with Peter, Neville has made a number of claims, including saying that the singer was set on revealing his ex-wife Katie Price's suspected infidelity to the media "to cause [her] distress and to boost his own image."

He also claims that Peter found Katie's eldest son Harvey "difficult to be with and be around." In 2011 Peter himself sued Katie (and won) after she stated in the media that he had never genuinely cared for Harvey.

After his dream wedding with his "absolutely beautiful" bride last week, we doubt Peter is too happy to have to face reality again so soon.


Peter Andre has spilled (some of) the beans about his wedding day that took place last weekend.

The 42-year-old groom made the announcement saying, “I’m so delighted to tell you all that yes, Ems and I tied the knot at the weekend!”

As we previously mentioned, Mr Andre’s impromptu nuptials took many of us by surprise as the couple had previously said that they weren’t planning on getting married for another year.

Speaking to new! magazine, Peter gushed about his new wife saying, “Ems looked absolutely beautiful.”

The wedding took place in one of the UK’s grandest Georgian houses, Mamhead House. The property, which is worth over €13million, is the perfect wedding venue with an Italian-style sunken garden and terrace.

The wedding is believed to have been a stunningly elegant affair with the bride, 25-year-old Emily MacDonagh wearing a classic bridal gown with laced sleeves.

The affair sounds just a tad different to Mr Andre’s 2005 wedding to Katie Price which included a pink wedding gown and a Cinderella style carriage.

Peter and Emily have an 18-month-old daughter together, Amelia. It is believed that Peter’s oldest two children from his previous marriage acted as the flower girl and pageboy in the ceremony.

The Mysterious Girl singer is also reported to have provided his own entertainment, serenading his new bride and audience with a number of songs.


Beaut 🙂

A photo posted by Peter Andre (@pj_andre) on

A source told The Sun that “Peter wants to make it a really personal affair. The song is very poignant and means a lot to him.” They also said that he was planning “to perform some more uplifting tracks to get everyone in the mood to party.”

And with a €700,000 magazine deal with OK! we are already dying to see the photos of the gorgeous day. 


He's better known as the hard-working family man – but earlier today presenter and singer Peter Andre proved he's well able to demand plenty of attention too.

Snuggling up in bed with his fiancee Emily MacDonagh, the 42-year-old smiled warmly for the camera with his lady-love by his side.

And although the duo, who have been together since 2012 and are engaged to be married, were careful not to give fans too much of an eye-full – it certainly seems that they are, in fact, totally naked.

It is a rare glimpse into the under-the-radar couple's intimate world. Parents to 18-month old Amelia, Emily, 25, has only recently completed her medical studies. 

They often shun red-carpet events to spend time at home with their daughter, as well as Peter's two children, Junior, ten, and Princess, eight, from his four-year long marriage to model and TV personality Katie Price.

Engaged since January of 2014, last week it was rumoured that Peter was happy to have their wedding indefinitely on hold so that they can add more children to their brood before tying the knot.

Born in Australia but based in England for many years, Mr Andre is still best-known for his huge summer hit Mysterious Girl, which was released in 1995, and re-released in 2004. 

More recently, it has been widely speculated that he will take part in this year's Strictly Come Dancing show, alongside the likes of Michelle Keegan.



We all know Katie Price has never been afraid to stand up for herself, and this recent Twitter rant has just proved it further.

The model has hit out at Jodie Marsh due to Jodie telling Zoo magazine that Katie is "the one whos famous for having loads of different kids with different dads."

Harsh, Jodie.

Of course, Katie didn't let her get away with it and has spoke out on Twitter in a VERY lengthy message.

She began by saying: "Jodie gone quiet, digging my name up for a headline! For someone who used to say, 'I'm natural', followed me having boob jobs (vile ones), now wanting them out like me! Your nose done (like a builder's elbow!) not like mine!"

"You joke who is she? Oh yeah, she's the one with kids and different dads! Don't knock mothers like me. There's lots of us! Didn't you go out with my ex's names written over your body marking them out of ten after you shagged them (classy.)," she said.

She continued: "Well you have shagged nearly all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you (gutted) and you're celibate because no man actually wants you unless… what did u quote before… you're looking to pay for sex yuk! I don't know any celebrity or man who finds you attractive. You're the most vile thing I've ever seen. You're no model. Just look like a man in drag, maybe you and Alex Reid would suit!"

"Wind your beak in and get back in your box. You'll never be me but keep trying," Katie concluded.


Jodie has yet to respond, but we have our popcorn at the ready.



Katie Price is set to cause some drama with her new autobiography.

She has promised to name her ex lover in revenge for “upsetting” her.

She claims he is an A-list celebrity.


She told the Daily Star: “There’s a couple of guys in there who have upset me, so it’s about time I revealed the truth about them.”

She then went on to confess: “They are household names.”

The mother of five is now married to Kieran Hayler but says: "I was seeing one of them for two or three months before Kieran."

“He’s a world-famous professional and it’s… oh my God, if people knew. He’s British," she added.

She concluded by stating: “I’m not saying anything more, but any girl would be jealous as f***.”

Oh Katie, the suspense is killing us.

Lets all hope it wasn't Ed Sheeran or a One Direction member, broken hearts everywhere…

Katie has been married to Kieran Hayler since 2013. Before this she was married to Peter Andre and Alex Reid.