Why one mother and her daughter spent €76,000 to look like their idol


A mother and daughter have spent thousands on treatments to look like former glamour model, Katie Price. 

This is a seriously extreme plastic surgery story and it seems to have taken celebrity obsession to a whole new level. 

Georgina Clarke, 38 and her daughter Kayla Morrie, 20 transformed themselves with bigger boobs, bums and lips and they claim these transformations have brought them closer together. 

20-year-old Kayla told The Sun: "My mum is my best friend an plastic surgery is our way of bonding. Every time we go under the knife, we get closer to looking like Katie."

Daughter Kayla funded her and her mothers operations through a stripping job and she claims she had a 'suger daddy' who was also paying some of the surgery bills until recently. 

The duo have been obsessed with Katie Prices's alter-ego, Jordan, for years and have always wanted to copy her look. When Kayla announced that she wanted a boob job while still in primary school, her mother loved the idea as she was already addicted to looking like Katie.

Georgina said: "I was so pleased. I admitted I wanted one too and we started planning for when she turned 18. I don't mind that Kayla had a sugar daddy and she insisted we use the money to get plastic surgery together."

The pair admit their 'Jordan' look takes a lot of  maintenance as they both have to regularly get lip fillers, botox and dye their hair blonde. 

And that's not all, they both use sunbeds up to five times a week. Seriously, where do they find the time for all of this?