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Unless you have been living under an internet-repellant rock, you will have seen the viral video of the Irish family attempting to get a bat out of their kitchen. 

The video was posted to Facebook on Tuesday and has millions of views, as well as being widely covered by Irish and international press.

Derry, Tadhg and Maurine Fleming cemented themselves into the viral hall of fame with their antics in the video.  

In the video, the family battle with a very frantic bat as it flies around their kitchen being a general nuisance. 

Tadhg's ongoing commentary culminates as Derry attempts to catch the bat with a towel and the family dog Basil pees on the kitchen floor. Typical. 

Now, the family are extending their 15 minutes of internet fame by being interviewed by iconic American presented and comedian Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Jimmy invited the Fleming family, from county Kerry, onto the show to chat about their newfound viral fame, and they have a few more anecdotes up their sleeve.

'It's absolutely crazy' said Tadhg, of the reaction the public has had to the video.

Check it our for yourself here:



Tom Cruise has played many roles since his Top Gun days, but now it looks like he wants to bring it back.

The 80s movie is an absolute classic, and while speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Tom said he'd love to bring Maverick back to life.

When quizzed about the comeback rumours, Tom said: "Jerry [Top Gun producer] and I were talking about it. It's just got to be right, that's all."

Tom also spoke about when he first went for the role, and only wanted it so he could fly a plane.

“I told my agent, 'I'm going to make this movie, but don't tell Jerry I want to make this movie, because I want to fly with the Blue Angels," he explained.

Would you like another Top Gun or should Tom just stick with the original and move on?



Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon's 'feud' has become part of modern day folklore at this stage, and while the public are always eager to hear the latest instalment, it looks like the two lads are more interested in building bridges.

In a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matt and his frenemy, Jimmy, decided to hash out their issues in the company of a couple's counsellor, and the internet can't get enough.

In footage which has been viewed more than 100,000 times in 24 hours, the lads recalled the trials and tribulations they have endured over the course of their relationship.

And the best part? The two lads clearly find the skit as hilarious as the audience.

After seven minutes of straight acting, Jimmy and Matt use drawings to describe their feelings for one another, and they can barely keep it together.

Bright-red and giggling uncontrollably over Jimmy's perception of him, Matt demands they re-shoot the shot, but thankfully it made it on to the internet in its unedited version.

Skip forward to 6.30 for the golden moment…



As an actor, we reckon you probably have to learn to take a lot of rejection in your lifetime. 

However, the numerous audition fails of Jake Gyllenhaal seem to be particularly harsh. 

While he has landed some amazing roles in his career, the 35-year-old has revealed some of his biggest movie rejections to date. 

And as you can imagine, the stories are pretty gas. 

He may have lost out to Tobey Maguire for Spiderman as well as Christian Bale for the Batman films, but his biggest audition fail came in the form of his audition for the monumental fantasy franchise, the Lord of the Rings. 

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor revealed that everyone was really excited about the movie but his audition did not quite go according to plan. 

In fact, he was personally told by Peter Jackson that he was the worst actor in the world. 


Watch the hilarious clip below: 




Jimmy Kimmel has been all about Ireland and St. Patrick's Day on his popular US talkshow Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. 

The infamous presenter has spent the past few days trying to figure out how to pull the perfect pint of Guiness. 

Earlier in the week, he had the Guiness Brewery Ambassador, Eoghan Clavin, on to help teach him how to achieve that perfected Guiness look. 

While Jimmy's own pint went very well, when he tried to have some American fans pull them in an Irish pub on Paddy's Day, it's safe to say that the results were not half as good. 

The host tuned in to Rock and Reilly's Irish Bar in West Hollywood for a pint-pulling contest and the finished products were definitely a bit ropey. 

Watch the hilarious video below: 



As Zayn Malik's debut single Pillowtalk continues to smash records across the globe, he goes and hits us with a dreamy performance on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in his first solo gig ever. 

While we're still getting over just how good Zayn's solo stuff is, his performance on live US television really does prove that has has what it talks to make it in the business without being in the most popular boyband on the planet. 

And there is a LOT to talk about. 

When introducing the artist, Jimmy gives us a glance at the cover art for Mind of Mine which is out next month. Featuring a very baby-faced Zayn (and we mean more baby-faced then when he first appeared on the X Factor all those years ago) complete with his current tattoos, it's sure to send fans into a tailspin. 

Secondly, Zayn performs single It's You, a stripped-back, vocally challenging balled allegedly about the breakdown of his relationship with Perrie Edwards. 

In a recent highly publicised interview with Zane Lowe, the presenter picked up on the significance of this tune in particular. 

"There’s a song on the record called It’s You which is to me I can tell a real centre-piece for the album. Vocally certainly.

"It’s about the break-up of your relationship, clearly."

And he was not wrong. 

The singer donned a long black coat as he performed the moving and soulful song with his band onstage. 

Watch the stunning clip below: 



Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves has become a fixture of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and they are of course hilarious. 

There is something very satisfying about the biggest celebrities in the world reading harsh criticism about themselves. 

Very satisfying and VERY funny. 

This time round we are treated to some mean tweets read by Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Banks, Kirsten Dunst, Daniel Radcliffe and Matthew Perry amongst others. 

However, we were also treated to our very own Colin Farrell being told that he looks like he "smells like couch farts."

Okay, Twitter trolls. Well, WE think he's looking great. 

And with Liv Tyler taking the fact that someone told her her Dad looks like a ball sack on the chin, this video is pretty darn funny. 

If you can see past the fact that some of the tweets are SO MEAN.

Oh and we definitely would not mess with Sarah Paulson. 

Watch the full video below: 



32-year old Emily Blunt has passed her US citizenship test and told Jimmy Kimmel that she is now sort of excited to be an American.

Jimmy expressed is delight at Emily was “one of us now”, giving Emily pause to consider their friendship up until now. He explained that he felt like he wasn’t ever proper enough to be friends with her, because British people are super posh, apparently.

"When people come here from England they kind of look down their noses at us,” he explained. To which Emily agreed, but added that now she’s “only half better,” then other Americans.

The talk show host went on to ask the Sicario actress about the big day.  

She said it was actually the “most bizarre day,” describing it as “strange and disarming.”

As it turns out, Emily is not sure she is entirely delighted about the whole thing. Possibly because she had to renounce Queen Elizabeth:

“They’re like, ‘Just say it, you don’t have to mean it, but just say it.’”

The hardest part about the whole endeavour was apparently the US citizenship test. “I guarantee most Americans would have no idea how to answer any of these questions," she warned.

One thing that did make her feel more comfortable though, was having some celebrity pals come along for support.

On the same day, Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves was sworn in too. Emily revealed that Matthew showed up on the day in his typical casual fashion. While his wife looked amazing (when does she not?) Matthew apparently looked like he “was going on a safari.”


The Grammy award winning singer Kelly Clarkson has been delighting her fans of late as she covers everything from Bryan Adams to Miley Cyrus with serious talent.

On Tuesday night, she appeared on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live show and put on another incredible show.

This time thought it was a performance with a twist. Rather than cover some of her much-loved peers hit tracks, she opted for a more romantic approach.

Well, if you consider finding love with a right swipe and a dating app romantic that is.

The sometimes sweet, but mostly bizarre and sometimes creepy profiles of Tinder users were Kelly’s lyrics.

A foot fetish and a hairless cat lover became the basis for some amazing tunes. No seriously, she nailed it.

We’re not sure if anyone aside from Kelly could actually pull this off, but she did a seriously impressive job.



Courteney Cox is set to marry Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid in Co. Mayo any day now, and it looks like her family have been doing their best to get to grips with Irish culture before the big day.

The Friends actress brought Johnny home to visit her family in Alabama recently, and they all spent a very entertaining evening trying to rip off his Northern Irish accent.

As accents go, it's definitely not the easiest one to mimic, but the Coxes gave it a good bash all the same. Luckily for us, Courteney filmed the whole thing and it was played out during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Our verdict? Courteney's mam needs to up her game, but 10-year-old Coco totally has the Northern Irish twang down.