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32-year old Emily Blunt has passed her US citizenship test and told Jimmy Kimmel that she is now sort of excited to be an American.

Jimmy expressed is delight at Emily was “one of us now”, giving Emily pause to consider their friendship up until now. He explained that he felt like he wasn’t ever proper enough to be friends with her, because British people are super posh, apparently.

"When people come here from England they kind of look down their noses at us,” he explained. To which Emily agreed, but added that now she’s “only half better,” then other Americans.

The talk show host went on to ask the Sicario actress about the big day.  

She said it was actually the “most bizarre day,” describing it as “strange and disarming.”

As it turns out, Emily is not sure she is entirely delighted about the whole thing. Possibly because she had to renounce Queen Elizabeth:

“They’re like, ‘Just say it, you don’t have to mean it, but just say it.’”

The hardest part about the whole endeavour was apparently the US citizenship test. “I guarantee most Americans would have no idea how to answer any of these questions," she warned.

One thing that did make her feel more comfortable though, was having some celebrity pals come along for support.

On the same day, Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves was sworn in too. Emily revealed that Matthew showed up on the day in his typical casual fashion. While his wife looked amazing (when does she not?) Matthew apparently looked like he “was going on a safari.”


Not another one! The news of Ben and Jen is still too fresh for us to handle any more celebrity divorces.

But unfortunately, rumour has it that Matthew McConaughey's marriage to his model wife Camila Alves may be in trouble.

The couple have been married since 2012 (they've been dating since 2006) and have three children together.

But, according to OK! magazine there may be seriously trouble in paradise.

“He’d rather she focus on family life,” the insider told the publication. “At this point, they have major problems to work through.”

While Matthew has become one of the biggest and most revered actors in Hollywood, few people know that his Brazilian wife has also been making a name for herself as a fashion designer.

The mother of three is the designer of MUXO by Camila Alves and she has put a lot of time and effort into making a brand for herself.

However, it was only two months ago that the Dallas Buyers Club actor gushed about how happy he is with Camila in an issue of Haute Living.

“Now I get to wake up next to someone who I know loves me the way she does – my wife – who gave birth to our three beautiful, healthy children,” the actor said.

The 45-year-old True Detective star has always been amazingly sweet when discussing his family life so whatever the problems are, we REALLY hope that these two can work them out.

Because we are not looking forward to adding them to the long list of celebrity couples we wish were still together!