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Tom Cruise has played many roles since his Top Gun days, but now it looks like he wants to bring it back.

The 80s movie is an absolute classic, and while speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Tom said he'd love to bring Maverick back to life.

When quizzed about the comeback rumours, Tom said: "Jerry [Top Gun producer] and I were talking about it. It's just got to be right, that's all."

Tom also spoke about when he first went for the role, and only wanted it so he could fly a plane.

“I told my agent, 'I'm going to make this movie, but don't tell Jerry I want to make this movie, because I want to fly with the Blue Angels," he explained.

Would you like another Top Gun or should Tom just stick with the original and move on?




A Reddit user has recreated some classic movie scenes with his boss’s dog.

There isn’t much more explaining to do really, you just have to feast your eyes on these strange, yet wonderful pictures:




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