Zayn debuts ANOTHER new song in his first EVER solo performance

As Zayn Malik's debut single Pillowtalk continues to smash records across the globe, he goes and hits us with a dreamy performance on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in his first solo gig ever. 

While we're still getting over just how good Zayn's solo stuff is, his performance on live US television really does prove that has has what it talks to make it in the business without being in the most popular boyband on the planet. 

And there is a LOT to talk about. 

When introducing the artist, Jimmy gives us a glance at the cover art for Mind of Mine which is out next month. Featuring a very baby-faced Zayn (and we mean more baby-faced then when he first appeared on the X Factor all those years ago) complete with his current tattoos, it's sure to send fans into a tailspin. 

Secondly, Zayn performs single It's You, a stripped-back, vocally challenging balled allegedly about the breakdown of his relationship with Perrie Edwards. 

In a recent highly publicised interview with Zane Lowe, the presenter picked up on the significance of this tune in particular. 

"There’s a song on the record called It’s You which is to me I can tell a real centre-piece for the album. Vocally certainly.

"It’s about the break-up of your relationship, clearly."

And he was not wrong. 

The singer donned a long black coat as he performed the moving and soulful song with his band onstage. 

Watch the stunning clip below: