Kelly Clarkson sang Tinder profiles and it will make your day

The Grammy award winning singer Kelly Clarkson has been delighting her fans of late as she covers everything from Bryan Adams to Miley Cyrus with serious talent.

On Tuesday night, she appeared on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live show and put on another incredible show.

This time thought it was a performance with a twist. Rather than cover some of her much-loved peers hit tracks, she opted for a more romantic approach.

Well, if you consider finding love with a right swipe and a dating app romantic that is.

The sometimes sweet, but mostly bizarre and sometimes creepy profiles of Tinder users were Kelly’s lyrics.

A foot fetish and a hairless cat lover became the basis for some amazing tunes. No seriously, she nailed it.

We’re not sure if anyone aside from Kelly could actually pull this off, but she did a seriously impressive job.