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Love Island bosses and producers are allegedly eyeing up reality stars for their 2019 season, and have their eyes set on one very famous lady's beau.

Seeing as literally EVERY couple from the 2018 series except winners Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer have split up, so we need some tasty new drama to follow.

It's already heating up, it would seem, as none other than Vicky Pattison's boyfriend has apparently been approached for the job.


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Despite the fact that the show won't return for another three months, it's been reported that ITV producers want former The Only Way is Marbs star Ercan Ramadan to star in the show.

Vicky Pattison's boyfriend has received the call; with producers said to have broken their ban on "z-list reality stars", whatever that means…

Speaking to The Sun, a source said that Ercan, who is good pals with Jack Fincham, is ideal for the hugely popular show because of his strong social media presence.


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The insider said: "Love Island casting agents are approaching people with low-level fame to take part in this year’s show. Ercan was approached by casting producers in January."

Continuing, they said; "They told him he'd be a perfect fit for the show and that they really wanted him on board. He knows it would be good for his career but he's with Vicky now, so he's not sure how to play it."

Bosses are looking for successful Instagrammers for marketing purposes.


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"It's a total U-turn after Love Island bosses binned reality stars for the last series. But this year they know exactly who they want on the show. Everyone on Love Island must have a strong influence on social media- it's key to the success of the show," the source said.

Another Love Island insider said Ercan was NOT approached by the show's producers, but may have been asked to audition by a casting team. Alright then…mixed messages much?

What would happen to his relationship with Vicky if he accepted their offer? We have many, many questions.

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The Only Way Is Essex returned to TV screens last night, with the cast making their annual trip to Marbella for some sun, sand… and a lot of drama.

Even the most confident among us would shudder at the thought of being in a bikini on TV, so how do the TOWIE girls prep for their annual televised holiday?

With serious training, clean eating and the odd indulgence, it would seem.

Here's how your favourite female cast members ensure their bods are camera-ready.

Ferne McCann
Vegetarian Ferne gets a lot of her protein from fish and veggies, but she doesn't write off carbs altogether… at least not according to her Instagram page. 



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Recent pre-Marbs meals for the star included a prawn, squash & turmeric risotto, and chickpea falafel with feta cheese and courgettes.

Now that's a diet we can get on board with.


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Self-confessed exercise addict Ferne had to take some time out earlier this year when she collapsed from exhaustion during a gym session.

"I didn't realise that I was addicted to exercise, it was more commitment to be honest and my body just overdid it," said the 25-year-old.


Lydia Bright
Recently returned from a trekking holiday in Peru, Lydia is well prepared for baring all on the beach in Marbs.

She has spoken before about her intense training regime and "restricted" diet, and says she works hard to maintain her physique.

"I train five times a week and do an hour and a half each day – one hour cardio and half an hour weights," she told Reveal magazine last year. 

"I eat six times a day – so a little a lot. I eat loads of protein and go through a pack of chicken, pack of salmon and can of tuna a day. And lots of eggs. Most of my diet is protein but I do have carbs as well," she admitted.


The last supper before my trek around Peru #Burger #CheesyFries

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Indeed, she was pictured filling up on a burger and cheesy fries on a "cheat day" before heading to South America last month.


Jess Wright
After breaking her wrist in late July, Jess has had to focus on diet rather than exercise to get her Marbella-ready.

"I try to cut carbs totally out and drink as little alcohol as possible," she told OK! Online this week.

"On the lead up I generally just eat better and try to train as much as possible.


Sunbathing before we head home….. To say Vegas has been epic is an understatement. LIFE

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However with my broken wrist and my busy schedule it was quite difficult to get many sessions in." 


Lauren Pope
33-year-old Lauren has found the right balance between strong and skinny, after dropping to a tiny size 6 in 2012 following her first split from Kirk Norcross.

Nowadays she trains hard in the gym but isn't afraid to chow down on the odd pizza either.


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Lauren trains regularly with PT Emma-Louise Burrows, using a mix of TRX, high intensity interval training and acrobatic-style Pilates to maintain her shape.


Gemma Collins fans can dry their eyes because the TOWIE star is coming back!

The star just recently quit the reality show when the cast was filming in Marbella. 34-year old Gemma is going to be reappearing in the latest episodes of the series but she’s making some big changes.

Seeking to start a new chapter in her life, Gemma is killing off another cast member! No, she’s not actually going to commit a crime, rather, Gemma wants to get rid of her troublesome alter ego ‘GC’.

The Queen Bea of Essex is determined to put the past behind her and change her ways for good. Gemma is calling on her closest friends to reveal their true feelings about her.

The outspoken Ferne McCann is said to be delivering some brutally honest truths about the star and what the nick-name ‘GC’ really stands for.

“Rude, brash and demanding,” are what ‘GC’ is known as apparently.

The star is making a big comeback after there were reports that she was kicked off the show after throwing a tantrum over filming in Marbella. Reportedly Gemma threw a ‘hissy fit’ while filming the special edition of the show and had an argument with her fellow cast member Vas Morgan.

Taking to Instagram Gemma had made a post that said she was looking forward to her future controlling how she was going to be portrayed. The post has since been removed from the TV star’s account.

Reps for the star denied a suspension from TOWIE instead saying that she was “taking some time out due to personal commitments.”

Earlier this year it was reported Gemma had landed a reality show of her own. After four years on TOWIE she was said to be hosting a show on which she would be providing fashion advice for plus-sized women. 



Some of us might be a bit worried that our bikini bods are not up to scratch, but usually we just try eat less bread and take-away for a week before we go and we’re grand.

Not for the cast of TOWIE though, they spent a ridiculous amount of money between them in the run up to Marbella.

Altogether, the cast spent over €12,000 getting their beach bods ready for their Marbs exploits.

The TOWIE girls have confessed to heat that they spent this money while preparing for filming The Only Way Is Marbs.

This insane amount is broken down into clothes, beauty treatments and personal training sessions.

This figure includes Danielle Armstrong’s 16 bikinis and 15 kaftans and Ferne McCann’s microdermabrasion facial.

Yet they STILL felt under pressure to look good at all times of the day and night, as Ferne confessed in this week’s heat magazine.

“You’re sat on a sun lounger, crouched over, trying to get your sun cream. You look up and FLASH, and you’re like, ‘Are you joking? I look horrendous’,” she explained.

Chloe Sims agreed with Ferne saying that after spending over €4,000 she still didn’t feel beach ready.

“At the end of the last season, I made a pact with Danielle that we’d go to the gym three times a week and up it to five [before Marbs],” she said.

“I went about three times in three months! Luckily for me, swimming costumes were in this year. I didn’t realise that before though – I was wearing them to hide the fact I hadn’t toned my tummy.”