Long before we had reality TV stars, we all took our fashion advice from our favourite singers and bands. Sometimes it was a good thing, and sometimes, well, let us just say the Spice Girls have a lot to answer for. Here are ten occasions when music videos influenced fashion:

The Spice Girls, and platforms

If it weren’t for those damn Spice Girls, we never would have had to suffer the pain of looking at old photos of ourselves sporting a pair of bright pink, glittery platforms.


Olivia Newton-John, and leg warmers and spandex

She just made it look so good, we had to give it a try!

Cyndi Lauper, and bad haircuts

Oh yeah, it looked good in the music video, but when paired with a school uniform and boring shoes? Not so cool.

MC Hammer, and ‘Hammer Pants’

These are kind of coming back into fashion now, and we’re glad. Sure, they’re kind of an acquired taste, but they are just so comfortable. Thanks, MC!

Nirvana, and dirty jumpers

If you wanted to be a true grunger, you needed a jumper that looked like you found it in a grave, and some messy hair. You can thank Nirvana for this one (which, actually, is an ongoing trend among some teens today!)

Christina Aguilera (and every pop star at the time), and belly tops

And if you had a belly top, you needed your belly button pierced. Parents across the globe must have cursed Ms. Aguilera for this trend.

All Saints, and combats
Now THIS is a trend we’re glad we got on board with. In fact, we might just run out and buy a pair of cargo green combats right now, for old time’s sake.

Avril Lavigne, and ties

Wearing a tie over a tank top was THE thing to do back in the day, thanks to Avril Lavigne. We can pin the ‘excessive number of bracelets on one arm’ trend on her too.

Beyoncé, and body suits

This is a more modern trend, but a favourite among many. We hope it dies out soon, so our children never need know the hardship of going to the toilet when you’re wearing a body suit.

Gwen Stefani, and red lips with blonde hair

She may have copied Marilyn Monroe here, but we took our lead from Gwen when she hit our screens as No Doubt’s front woman. If only we could have pulled it off half as well as she did!