Jenna gave Channing a pressie that will make us ALL feel inadequate


Most of us feel that 'thinking outside of the box' when it comes to birthday presents means buying an unusual jumper or a funny card… But not Jenna Dewan Tatum.

She didn't just give Channing any old birthday cake or birthday card, nope, she got him a birthday HORSE.

This just kinda proves that they are the cutest couple ever and know what each other want since Channing took to Instagram to tell his followers it was the "best day ever."

The couple spent his 36th birthday outdoors with their daughter, Everly and their new rescue horse, Cajun. And as you can expect, it was what Instagram dreamz are made of: 


Braveheart paint by Evie, new rescue horse named Cajun on a sunset ride. Thanks for all the birthday wishes

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Best birthday gift ever from my wifey

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