What to do if you hate your best friend’s boyfriend


You’ve found yourself in a very awkward position – you cannot stand your best friend’s boyfriend.

So, where do you go from here? Or where can you go?

Here are some things to do when you find yourself hating on your BFF’s new boy.

Is it really him?
You need to figure out if you really don’t like him, or you just don’t like the idea of him. It may seem petty to be jealous but a guy on the scene will mean you see your friend less, so it’s understandable. Just be aware that this is your issue – not his. It’s up to you (and your friend!) to make sure your friendship stays strong.

Make the effort
It can be easy to dismiss someone at the smallest thing. If he said something stupid, or did something he shouldn’t have, try to understand he may have been nervous about meeting the BFF and this isn’t how he normally is. Give him another chance.

Time to talk?
So, you did all that and he’s still a jerk? Oh no… It’s time to get serious. It’s really important to remember that how your BFF sees her boyfriend is NOT how you see him. She’s in love – he’s an Adonis. Try asking her about the relationship; how it’s going, how she feels about him, that kind of thing. If she asks you what you think, voice your concern but in no way make her feel as if she needs to make a choice between you and her boyfriend. Think lines like: “I feel he’s a little rude, but maybe I just haven’t gotten to know him ENOUGH yet” rather than “he’s a rude so-and-so, I hate him”. See the difference?

Lauren Conrad didn't…

Make a plan
If you just can’t stand him but your friend is in love, we’re sorry but you may just have to deal. However, ensure you and your BFF have lots of quality time together alone, thus cutting down on time with her other half. Don’t make it too obvious though…!

If you are ever in doubt for your friend’s safety when it comes to her relationship, it’s time to speak up, and loudly. Check out the website 2in2u.ie on what you can do to protect your friend.