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Earlier this summer Charlotte Crosby revealed to the world that she had suffered an ectopic pregnancy and while he has said relatively little on the subject prior to now, Charlotte’s ex Gary Beadle has finally shared his thoughts on the loss of their child.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail Australia, the reality star revealed that he spoke to Charlotte everyday on the phone after he heard the news but admitted he did not fly home from filming Ex On The Beach to be with her because her surgery had gone well.

He told the paper: “If she’d said I’m in the worst pain ever, I can’t move I’m dying, obviously I’d be on the next plane home.  But she was like I’m okay, don’t worry I’m fine.”

“Maybe I should have gone back.  It still hasn’t kicked in. I was like s***, if it hadn't happened I would have a kid.  Obviously I was devastated.”

“I would have loved [to have had a child with Charlotte], I can’t really say now what would have been or what would have happened.”

In the interview Gaz said he and Charlotte were not in an official relationship when he heard the news and claimed that until that point he did not know Charlotte was pregnant. 

He stated the pair had agreed to keep the news to themselves and admitted he was upset when Charlotte decided to go public with her ectopic pregnancy story.

He also confessed that at this stage there is no chance of he and Charlotte ever reuniting.

Referring to a recent interview in which Charlotte described him as worse than a murderer, Gary said: “She said I was worse than a murderer, that to me was the final straw, I don’t want to talk to her or about her.”

“It’s done, I’d never get back with Charlotte.  It's done and dusted after five years."

“She’s left Geordie Shore and I think she’s dating other people.  She needs to move on to the next chapter of her life and I want to do the same.”

The former couple met while filming the very first series of Geordie Shore back in 2011 and, while their relationship has always been tumultuous, it now seems to be in a worse state than ever before. 


Move over Kim K, it's Gary Beadle's turn to tamper with our texts as he sets out to make his mark on the weird and wonderful world of emojis.

The original Geordie Shore cast member has created his very own set of mobile friendly images that are now available for purchase through the Gazmoji app which – despite having only been launched last night – has already hit the number one spot on the App Store's list of top paid entertainment apps.

And if you though the Kimojis were NSFW, wait until you see what Gaz has to offer.

The Newcastle native told The Sun: "I wanted to make a new app that my followers will use and also get to number 1.  I don’t think anyone else in the UK has launched their own emojis so I just thought, why not?”

“The app star made us delete some more of the graphic Gazmojis but I think we have got away with quite a lot."  You think?

The Gazmojis – which are available for €0.99 on the Apple App Store – are very obviously inspired by Gary’s own life with jagerbombs, parsnips and his controversial white powdered Ferrari key all making the cut.

The reality star also told The Sun that "every single swear word" he uses is included in the graphic collection.

This isn't Gary's first attempt at breaking into the app business as he previously launched the Gazzd app which played Geordie catch phrases for its users, but so far it does seem to be his most popular venture.

Not only has the Gazmoji app topped the app charts, Gaz's colourful creations are also getting a whole lot of attention on Twitter.






Earlier this month Gary Beadle launched a stream of abuse at three of his Geordie Shore housemates in his Daily Star column.

And now one of his victims, Marnie Simpson, has decided to get her own back.

Writing in her column for Star magazine, Marnie said: "Gaz Beadle is the loneliest person I've ever met. He only has one friend and that's his manager."

She then revealed that Gary may not have as many friends left in the house as people may think: "Everyone has fallen out with him because he's not a nice person."

“I know it's getting to him, but he won't change.”

Potentially referencing Gary's latest drug scandal, the 24-year-old star finished with: “I’ve just heard that he said I’m boring unless I have a drink in my hand. Well, at least I only need a drink to be fun…”  

The timing of the piece is more than a little odd since both Gaz and Marnie are away filming for the 13th series of Geordie Shore right now and just yesterday Gary tweeted a picture of himself and Marnie with their cast-mates captioned "Beach day".

We doubt there'll be too many happy trips to the beach once Gaz reads what she's been saying…


It’s been less than a month since Charlotte Crosby quit Geordie Shore for good and now her ex-boyfriend Gary Beadle has been spotted getting cosy with a new girl while holidaying in Kavos.

According to the Daily Mail, Gaz was spotted kissing the mystery blonde in the Buzz bar last night after calling her over to the VIP area where he was out with his Geordie Shore housemates.

The pair were then pictured kissing in a taxi as they headed back to the MTV villa.

Just over a week ago the 29-year-old reality star hit headlines after it was alleged he was involved in a drug scandal while filming Ex On The Beach.

But the news hasn’t stopped Gaz from hitting the clubs as he’s been partying hard with his cast-mates as they film the upcoming series of the hit realty show – the first series ever to be filmed without Charlotte Crosby.

Charlotte – who left the show after sharing the news of her tragic ectopic pregnancy – has said she’s ready to move on from Gaz and is on the lookout for a new man.

Centre image: Exposure Photos


Geordie Shore star, Gary Beadle, has been surrounded by controversy lately and it seems that it's not going away any time soon.

The reality TV regular has found himself at the centre of an alleged drug scandal today as the Daily Star claims to have uncovered private Twitter messages between Gaz and an unnamed friend in which Gary admits to taking MD.

The messages were supposedly sent a few months back when Gaz was in Thailand filming Ex On The Beach with MTV, and suggest that Gaz ditched his chaperone the night before filming to go on a bit of a bender.

In the messages, the womanising Geordie tells his friend – who seems to be a fellow EOTB cast member – that he's at a beach rave, before warning the friend to "say nothing".

In a later message he says he's "off his t*ts" and when asked whether he's on pills or drunk, Gaz replies: "Gear md".

His openly jealous friend then tells him to "have a line" on his behalf.

Gaz apparently went to party in a different hotel afterwards and missed the next day of filming.

Earlier today his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby retweeted a link to the drugs story before quickly deleting it and instead writing the word "SHADDDEEEEEE”.

This is the second drug-related incident Gaz has allegedly been involved in this year as five months ago a video of him snorting an unknown white substance off a Ferrari key was leaked to the media.


From Charlotte's shock departure to Marnie's never-ending Twitter feuds, things in the Geordie Shore house seem to have hit an all-time-low.

And now to make things worse, Gary Beadle has gone to town on his female cast mates in his latest column for the Daily Star.  

Admitting that the Geordie Shore crew "is like some twisted family", Gaz described Marnie Simpson's request for some new male co-stars as ridiculous, before saying: "Maybe she just wants some newbies because me and Aaron Chalmers have both been through her like a train."  

He also said Marnie – who recently criticised his stance on Charlotte's ectopic pregnancy – should be permanently equipped with a bottle of vodka "because without one, she's boring as f***".

He then took a shot at Chloe Ferry's career, saying: "Chloe has possibly earned around £37.50 from fees outside of reality shows.  I'm sure the only appearance she ever did was for Foxy Bingo."

Clearly angry about Chloe's suggestion that Gaz is more interested in his sex life than Charlotte, Gary called her a d***head and warned her not to comment on his personal life again.

And just when we thought he'd done his worst, Gaz decided to criticise Vicky Pattison's decision to ignore the last stream of abuse he launched.

He wrote: "Vicky Pattison decided to turn all Buddhist on me last week after I gave her back some of what she had given me.  Does she forget the week before calling me a 'one-tricky pony skinny moron?'"

"Does her new, saintly outlook cause her to suffer from short term memory loss, I wonder?"

"If you are going to give it but can't take it when it's thrown back at you, surely that makes YOU the p***k?!"  WOW!

The column was written before Gaz headed to Magaluf this week to begin filming the newest series of the hit reality show – which he expects to be "the most explosive series ever".

Well, at least he's right about something!


Last week it was Lucy Watson, the week before it was Jasmine Lennard – now it's Gary Beadle’s turn to be publicly criticised by Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson.

After a tumultuous few weeks which saw Charlotte Crosby reveal her ectopic pregnancy and quit Geordie Shore for good, Marnie has decided to have her say on her co-stars’ troubled relationship. 

The controversial Geordie told Now magazine she doesn't believe Gaz ever wanted to be a father – even after Gary told the Daily Star that he was "devastated" by the loss.

She said: “I don’t believe a word he says.  Gary’s very manipulative.  I know him; I’ve lived with him.  Gary’s never said he wanted to be a dad.”

“I don’t think Gary has any remorse about any of it.  If he had any remorse he would have apologised – but he hasn’t.”

Marnie – who recently returned to the Geordie Shore house to film series 13 of the reality show – also said she believes Charlotte will regret leaving the show.

She said: “I think she made this decision in anger and I think she’ll regret it.  I hope she’ll change her mind and come back – the house will feel lost without her.”


On the latest episode of Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan has hit out at bad boy Gary Beadle over his relationship with Charlotte Crosby.

Ahead of the couple's break-up, Holly told the Confession Cam that if Gary hurts Charlotte again (which, unfortunately, he did), she'll "rip his f**king balls off."

"I always worry when it comes to Gary and Charlotte because I've seen her go through so much s**t," she told the camera. 

"I do like watching them together and I do like seeing them together."


A photo posted by gazgshore (@gazgshore) on

"A part of me does always want them to be together but I will obviously always have Charlotte's back. I just never ever want to see her hurt but maybe he's changed and maybe this time he could be different," she said.

"The worse thing that could happen is potentially Charlotte falling madly in love with Gary again and him breaking her heart."

"I feel like I'm going to have to give him a chance before I judge but I will be the first person there to rip his f**king balls off if he hurts her. But you never know, maybe Charlotte will break his heart."

It WAS Gary that broke Char's heart when he had a threesome while on Ex On The Beach with Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh.

We think Gaz better stay away from Holly, so. 


Gary Beadle has landed himself in a LOT of trouble following a racy photo taken in a UK nightclub.

The Geordie Shore star posed for a photo in Unit 17, which saw him laying his hands on the boobs of two women during a night out.

Unit 17 in Ipswich then used the snap to promote an A-Level student club night results party.

However, many people have blasted the photo, which forced the nightclub to delete the image from its social media pages.

Many commented on the photo, saying that it condones sexual harassment and sends very negative images out to the public.

A spokeswoman for Unit 17 said on Facebook: "We do not tolerate or condone sexual harassment of any kind and work hard to ensure that Unit 17 provides a safe and welcoming environment for all our guests.

"The Facebook post, which we have removed, was unacceptable and we apologise for any offence caused.

"We will be retraining our team on our social media policy, which states that posts of this nature should never be made."

However, Gary has yet to make a comment.

Image: Archant


If you are or were a fan of Geordie Shore, then you'll know that Gary and Charlotte's romance is a rollercoaster ride.

It has been five years since they first met each other, and they've been on and off more times than we can count now.

But in the latest turn of events – where Gary had a threesome while on Ex On The Beach – their former co-star Vicky Pattison thinks that he made a huge mistake by letting that go on camera.

Talking about their relationship in her latest New! Magazine column, Vicky said: "If there's trouble in paradise now, it's none of my business. But she's a great girl and she loves the bones off him.

"If Gary has treated her badly, he's made a huge mistake."

And as for Charlotte's reaction to Gary's decision? Vicky is totally on for her pal to let her hair down. 

"If Charlotte deals with it by going out and kissing someone else, good for her."

However, since Gary came back from filming Ex On The Beach, he made a very mysterious statement about the rumours on Twitter and Charlotte told Heat Radio that she's going to "stay well away from him."



Charlotte Crosby completely opened up about her love life last week as Gary Beadle made his way onto Ex On The Beach.

She tweeted confirming that she's now single, after Gary reportedly had a fling with one of Charlotte's enemies on the show – she even threatened to quit Geordie Shore!

She went on a rant on social media, telling her followers she couldn't take anymore of Gary breaking her heart.

However, this has been going on for a while since in the latest episode of GS, Gary exited the house which left Char extremely upset after her fight with Marnie.

But now, Gaz is back and he took to Twitter to have his say:

However, they have both appeared in the promo for Geordie Shore Big Battle, which dropped today, so we're just going to have to wait and see what happens next.


Things seem to be on the rocks in a big way (yet again) for Charlotte Crosby and her man, at least if her latest tweets are anything to go by.

The Geordie Shore star took to social media today to blast her on-off boyfriend Gary Beadle, after spotting some controversial pictures of him in a nightclub flirting with another woman, law student Vicky Marriott.

While Charlotte's remained quiet about her beef until now, Gary's vehement denials on Snapchat this weekend that he had tried it on with Vicky – despite reportedly being pictured with his hand on her bum – seem to have rubbed Charlotte up the wrong way.

And to make matters even worse, it seems Gary is returning to Ex On The Beach… or at least that's what he wants her to think.

Bad decision, Gaz… 

The model added that she had turned to Gaz's bestie Aaron Chalmers for comfort. 

In short, these two seem to be OFF in a big way, unless Gary changes his ways ASAP.

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