Move over Kim K, it's Gary Beadle's turn to tamper with our texts as he sets out to make his mark on the weird and wonderful world of emojis.

The original Geordie Shore cast member has created his very own set of mobile friendly images that are now available for purchase through the Gazmoji app which – despite having only been launched last night – has already hit the number one spot on the App Store's list of top paid entertainment apps.

And if you though the Kimojis were NSFW, wait until you see what Gaz has to offer.

The Newcastle native told The Sun: "I wanted to make a new app that my followers will use and also get to number 1.  I don’t think anyone else in the UK has launched their own emojis so I just thought, why not?”

“The app star made us delete some more of the graphic Gazmojis but I think we have got away with quite a lot."  You think?

The Gazmojis – which are available for €0.99 on the Apple App Store – are very obviously inspired by Gary’s own life with jagerbombs, parsnips and his controversial white powdered Ferrari key all making the cut.

The reality star also told The Sun that "every single swear word" he uses is included in the graphic collection.

This isn't Gary's first attempt at breaking into the app business as he previously launched the Gazzd app which played Geordie catch phrases for its users, but so far it does seem to be his most popular venture.

Not only has the Gazmoji app topped the app charts, Gaz's colourful creations are also getting a whole lot of attention on Twitter.