If you've managed to make it to work/college this morning without have a total meltdown, pat yourself on the back.

Commuters in Ulster and Leinster were given QUITE the treat this morning, with snow, sleet and ice blanketing a large chunk of the country.

While much of the 'snow' turned to mush and slush, certain more sheltered areas saw heavy snowfall. All in all, it was a total disaster, especially for anyone trying to get to work on time.

Buses, trains and LUASes turned into warm, overpacked tin cans:  


But anyone with a car really had to suffer:


A few brave souls even risked getting frostbite to stop and take a picture:


And of course there were a few ice-related accidents too.


Plus, the inevitable delays on EVERY form of transport – including planes:

Thank God it's Friday. We could NOT do this all over again tomorrow.