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What are Ireland’s favourite biscuits and chocolates at Christmas time, you ask? What do Irish people absolutely HAVE to have with a cup of tea after Christmas dinner?

All is being revealed today, as Aldi releases figures from a survey carried out to highlight that the supermarket is stocking a wide range of all of the favourite food, drink and confectionery brands you love this festive season.

Tins and tubs of chocolates are a firm favourite in Irish households each Christmas, and it comes as no surprise that Cadbury Roses raced home to victory as the favourite amongst Irish householders, with 43 percent of the overall vote.

We are a nation of biscuit lovers, and the people have responded – Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley was the winner with 38 percent of the vote.

There are the flavours that you hate, the ones that you avoid and then there are the ones that you love more than the rest, but can never seem to get your hands on! Fudge, caramel and orange flavours were the most argued over sweets amongst families when it comes to the ones that everyone wants, with coffee, dark chocolate, Turkish delight and strawberry cremes being named as the chocolates that are always left behind.

The brands most associated with Christmas in homes across Ireland are – Cadbury Roses, Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley, Quality Street, Coca Cola and Guinness.

The most popular biscuit brands are:

  • Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley – 38 percent
  • Fox’s Biscuits – 15 percent
  • Cadbury Chocolate Assortment – 10 percent
  • McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives – 9 percent
  • Jacob’s USA Biscuits – 8 percent and Shortbread – 8 percent
  • Afternoon Tea – 5 percent
  • Chocolate Hobnobs – 2 percent
  • Snowballs (1 percent), Custard Cremes (1 percent), Pink Wafer (1 percent), Viscounts (1 percent) and Victoria Biscuits (1 percent)

The most popular chocolate brands are:

  • Cadbury Roses – 43 percent
  • Quality Street – 18 percent
  • Celebrations – 12 percent
  • Cadbury Heroes – 8 percent
  • After Eights – 5 percent
  • Lindt – 3 percent and Ferrero Rocher – 3 percent
  • Butlers (2 percent), Black Magic (2 percent), Terry’s Chocolate Orange (2 percent)
  • Milk Tray and Dairy Box – 1 percent

Aldi will be stocking a wide range of branded items this festive season, meaning you can find everything you need this Christmas, and all at amazing Aldi prices.

 Stock up on snacks in time for this year’s Late Late Toy Show (30th November) with the following great items – on sale from 25th November for one week only!


We are constantly on the look out for new and wonderful people to follow on Instgram – from beauty gurus and fashion queens, so hilarious animals and fabulous foodies. 

So we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favourite feeds – starting with some of the amazing foodies we know and love. 

Check out all these delicious pages, and try not to be totally inspired: 

1. The Nutri Nuts 

These plant based honeys are possibly the only reason I would ever consider ditching meat. Their Instagram page is flooded with a food diary so full of colour, the food almost looks as good as it tastes. An Insta 'start-up' of sorts, these Irish ladies are just beginning to gain a following, but I have no doubt we'll be seeing big things from them in the future. Give them a follow, you'll be glad you did. 


The most colourful lunch @avocaireland 

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2. Thomas Joseph 

Okay so this fine fella happens to work alongside Martha Stewart, so needless to say, he knows his shit. He's the Director of Food Development at Martha Stewart Living, and has an Instagram feed (optimum word) full of the most delicious look food you've ever seen. We need to try that cauliflower soup, FYI. 



roasted cauliflower soup w. almonds, capers, chives and creme fraiche. recipe -> toss one large head of cauliflower (cut into small florets) with olive oil, salt and pepper. spread evenly on baking sheet and roast at 450 degrees until florets are slightly brown and tender. meanwhile, sauté one large onion (chopped) in a few tablespoon of butter – i like to get them brown bc more color = more flavor. add two quarts of chicken stock (you can substitute veg), one large russet potato (peeled and chopped), thyme leaves (about two tablespoons) and two peeled garlic cloves. bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. add cauliflower. season with salt and pepper. cook until potatoes are super tender and start to fall apart. blend. i like to use a #vitamix but and immersion blender works too. season w salt and pepper. garnish with toasted almonds, capers, chives and creme fraiche or sour cream

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3. Amelia Rampe

Amelia is a New York based foodie, who loves eating in restaurants just as much as she loves putting together her own delicious creations. What do we love about her? She just loves food, in all shapes and forms. Carbs, meat, veggies – anything that Amelia feels like eating, she bloody well will. A fantastic relationship with food. 


How did I live here for years and never eat here?! @ilcorvopasta #seattle #pasta

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4. Evergreen Kitchen

Listen, I am a hardcore carnivore, but every now and then, a little vegetarian meal tickles my fancy. Usually, I get my veg-spiration from the evergreen kitchen – an Instagram duo who love colourful healthy food almost as much as they love eachother. 


Serve these BBQ “Pulled Pork” Nachos and watch them disappear in 0.15286 seconds fla! Super easy and crazy good. All it takes is a can of jackfruit, seasonings and BBQ sauce; then pile it on tortilla chips with all the toppings. The “pulled pork” looks so much like the real stuff it’s almost scary(you’ve been warned). Recipe link in profile! If it’s your first time cooking jackfruit, you can find the cans at Asian grocery stores (and sometimes the Asian section of a traditional grocer). Just make sure to grab jackfruit in brine (not the kind in syrup). • #evergreenkitchen #onthetable #nachos #recipeoftheday #foodblogfeed #healthyeats #SuperBowl #healthyish #vegetarian #yommme #healthysnacks #imsomartha #eatyourveggies #popsugarfitness #realfood #feedfeed #f52grams #buzzfeast #instafood #vscofood #todayfood #easyecipes #eeeeeats #saveurmag #plantbased #feedyouresolution #plantpowered #foodphotography #vancouverfoodie #vancitybuzz @thefeedfeed @saveurmag @wholefoods

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5. Diethood

Macedonian-born mom of two Katerina Petrovska photographs and writes about the recipes she comes up with or adapts. You’ll find a medley of traditional, sweet, fusion, and Macedonian-American food on her blog and Instagram feed—all served up in style, humor, and liveliness.




Is nothing sacred?

First came the avacado latté, then people began to drink their coffee from hollowed out carrots and now this – Coffee caviar.

It's the latest in a long line of bizarre food trends to take over our Instagram feeds, and we're not convinced.

The little blobs of coffee resemble groups of pre-mature tadpoles waiting to hatch, and we're just not sure we can look past that.

Once a  restaurant delicacy, the foodies of Instragram have now taken it upon themselves to bring coffee caviar to the masses and have been adding it to homemade pudding and tiramius. 


Coffee Garden Dessert #coffeecustardpudding #coffeecaviar #chocolatesoil #pistachiosponge #berrypuree #waffers

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According to coffee manufacturers, Lavazza, this is how they're made:

‘Using a syringe, small drops of the coffee and alginate mixture is added to the diluted calcium chloride.

‘The result is lots of little balls which create a myriad of tiny explosions on the palate.’


Think we'll stick to our flat whites for the moment, thanks.  


Whether cooking it, looking at it or eating it, we all know that one person who is all about food

However, we also know that this person is not really going to be excited by a pair of socks or a make-up brush on Christmas Day. 

A real food lover can be impossible to buy for, especially if you are not interested that interested in food yourself. Well, SHEmazing! are here to help. Check out our list of gift ideas that will truly satisfy your favourite foodie. 

1) Something sweet from DINE

Every food lover has a sweet tooth and they will always appreciate some handmade, Irish sweet treats in their Christmas stocking.

They may well be devoured by the end of Christmas Day, but they will be very much appreciated. 

Email dineinformation@gmail.com or pop into The Tramyard in Dalkey to pre-order or get a ready-made box.

The 'Sweetie Selection' Gift Box, €25, DINE at the Tramyard, Dalkey 


2) The perfect combo from Hampers & Co

Give your food loving friend exactly what they love this year with a delicious hamper stocked full with artisan foods and goodies. 

The Wine and Cheese Gift Crate, €34, Hampers & Co


3) All the cheese from M&S

Rosemary-infused brioche and Cornish Camembert? If you show up at your BFF's house with this in tow you'll be the hero off the hour.

Can't talk… eating.

Cornish Camembert & Brioche Wreath, €11.79, M&S


4) A handy Kenwood juicer 

You could describe 'juicing' as a craze in 2015 so your foodie will definitely enjoy jumping on the bandwagon (if they haven't already, that is!). 

Kenwood 2Go Sport, €44.99, kenwoodworld.ie



5) Something different from Tesco

Loads of brands bring out special Christmas versions of classic festive food and drink around this time of year, so make sure to keep an eye out for Christmas themed delights in your favourite shops. 

Tesco Finest Salted Caramel Liquor 15cl, €15, Tesco


6) Go all out at The Dublin Cookery School

What does a foodie love best? Apart from eating, a good foodie loves to cook so surprise them with a gift card for a cookery school.

Let them pick their own courses and really put their skills to the test. 

And hey, they may even let you eat the results! 

Gift Voucher for The Dublin Cookery School, dublincookeryschool.ie

7. And for the chocolate lover

The brown leather hat box is full to the brim with a selection of the finest Godiva chocolate gifts. However, you can but it like this, or create a bespoke hamper yourself… then what you spend is up to you! 

Out-of-the-box Christmas hamper, £155

Available at Godiva Chocolates


The result of TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards has been revealed and now the top ten best places to eat in Ireland have been announced.

According to TripAdvisor users the vegetarian restaurant Café Paradiso in Cork is the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Ireland.


The restaurant, located in Lancaster Quay in Cork beat two Dublin restaurants to clinch the top spot; Ross Lewis-owned Chapter One and Brazilian eatery Sabor.

Café Paradiso has a pretty incredible rating on the website. On average out of over 500 reviews users rate the veggie-paradise with 4.5 stars, almost a perfect score.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, the Geraldine O’Toole, co-owner of Cafe Paradiso said:

“The thing about TripAdvisor is that it is based on reviews on the people who eat in restaurants and not on what the critics are saying. That is what makes this award so special.”


The award is based on these reviews, and the Cork eatery lead the pack in terms of Ireland’s finest dining locations. The top 10 according to TripAdvisor are:

1. Café Paradiso, Cork

2. Chapter One, Dublin

3. Sabor Brazil, Dublin

4. An Port Mor Restaurant, Mayo

5. Kai, Galway

6. Eala Bhan, Sligo

7. Ristorante Rinuccini, Kilkenny

8. Freddy's Bistro, Limerick

9. The Pig's Ear, Dublin

10. Zuni, Kilkenny


Honestly the first thing we thought of when we saw this news was ‘finally’.

Three geniuses have reinvented the Tinder game and we think this could actually be better than the Tindog experiment.

It’s very simple, much like the original Tinder concept: Swipe left, swipe right, find your perfect match. However, while previously you were searching for the romantic love of your life, these guys just made it even better. They created Tinder for food.

The three buddies Jordan Homan, Necco Ceresani and David Blumenfield bonded over food, don’t all best friends though? Their passion for food made them look at apps such as Tinder in a new light.

They decided that they were going to help people decide what it was they really wanted to spend their downtime with, snacks!

“As a twenty-something, we are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up,” Jordan told Boston.com.

The named their app Tender (we see what you did their guys), and it isn’t just glorified food porn, it actually gives you the recipes of the delicious dishes on offer. By swiping right you save the recipe to your 'cookbook' so you can go back and check it later,. 

“How often do you really think, ‘God, I could go for Indonesian tonight?’” David asked. “But when you get smacked in the face with a picture that looks so appetizing it is hard to say no to at least giving it a try.”

He’s correct, a mere three minutes after installing the app all you want to do is go home and make your own pulled pork tacos.

You’re not just going to be stocking up on dinner recipes either, there are filters for desserts and cocktails. Also, there’s tons of vegan dishes to choose from so no one is left behind.

Maybe you could even start combining your Tinder and Tender use? We do love when someone can cook us a decent homemade meal… 


This just goes to show, people will believe anything – especially if there's free food involved!

Dutch lads Sacha and Cedrique pulled off the ultimate prank at a food convention in Houten, Holland. They posed as waiters at the event, serving platters of "organic" desserts, chicken and fish… which was actually good ol' Maccie D's food.

First up was McDonald's fruit and melons, which went down a treat with the foodies and bloggers…

And now for the pièce de résistance, the McNugget and Filet-O-Fish combo platter…

Wow, they must really know their stuff *sniggers*

As for the verdict – how would the food served compare to McDonald's?

This is definitely something to use as ammunition next time someone judges you for devouring the entire Eurosaver menu at 4am on a Saturday!

Watch the video in full here…



If you love nothing more than walking round with a glass of wine or beer in your hand while sampling delicious and tasty food, then head to these hotspots.

Flavours of Fingal County Show, Co. Dublin 28th – 29th June
This is foodie heaven! With more than 60 food experts and producers , a livestock competition sheep dogs trials and lots and lots of samples you are sure to go home full and happy.

Kenmare Food Carnival, Co.  Kerry 12th – 14th July
Pop-up restaurants, food market and funfair rides – sure, what more could you want?!

Feile Bia Na Mara, Co. Mayo 18th – 20th July
If you love fish and Neven Maguire, this is the spot for you.  Enjoy cookery demonstrations and seafood BBQs to your heart’s content.

Doolin Irish Craft Beer and Food Festival, Co. Clare 22nd – 24th August
Hand crafted beers, trad music and plenty of food stalls – sounds like paradise!

Just because the Taste of Dublin is over, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of the foodie fun!