Two chancers tricked foodies into believing McDonald’s was gourmet

This just goes to show, people will believe anything – especially if there's free food involved!

Dutch lads Sacha and Cedrique pulled off the ultimate prank at a food convention in Houten, Holland. They posed as waiters at the event, serving platters of "organic" desserts, chicken and fish… which was actually good ol' Maccie D's food.

First up was McDonald's fruit and melons, which went down a treat with the foodies and bloggers…

And now for the pièce de résistance, the McNugget and Filet-O-Fish combo platter…

Wow, they must really know their stuff *sniggers*

As for the verdict – how would the food served compare to McDonald's?

This is definitely something to use as ammunition next time someone judges you for devouring the entire Eurosaver menu at 4am on a Saturday!

Watch the video in full here…