Honestly the first thing we thought of when we saw this news was ‘finally’.

Three geniuses have reinvented the Tinder game and we think this could actually be better than the Tindog experiment.

It’s very simple, much like the original Tinder concept: Swipe left, swipe right, find your perfect match. However, while previously you were searching for the romantic love of your life, these guys just made it even better. They created Tinder for food.

The three buddies Jordan Homan, Necco Ceresani and David Blumenfield bonded over food, don’t all best friends though? Their passion for food made them look at apps such as Tinder in a new light.

They decided that they were going to help people decide what it was they really wanted to spend their downtime with, snacks!

“As a twenty-something, we are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up,” Jordan told Boston.com.

The named their app Tender (we see what you did their guys), and it isn’t just glorified food porn, it actually gives you the recipes of the delicious dishes on offer. By swiping right you save the recipe to your 'cookbook' so you can go back and check it later,. 

“How often do you really think, ‘God, I could go for Indonesian tonight?’” David asked. “But when you get smacked in the face with a picture that looks so appetizing it is hard to say no to at least giving it a try.”

He’s correct, a mere three minutes after installing the app all you want to do is go home and make your own pulled pork tacos.

You’re not just going to be stocking up on dinner recipes either, there are filters for desserts and cocktails. Also, there’s tons of vegan dishes to choose from so no one is left behind.

Maybe you could even start combining your Tinder and Tender use? We do love when someone can cook us a decent homemade meal…