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Rapper Iggy Azalea took a mortifying stage dive on Friday night, but just had to share it with everyone!

Iggy forgot to mind the gap when she was performing at the MTV VMA show in Hollywood.

A video filmed by a member of the audience shows the star belting out a tune, stepping back, and taking an almighty plunge.

The audience can be hear gasping – but fair play to Iggy, she just kept on singing!

Clearly seeing the funny side, the 24-year-old later took to Instagram to post her own version of the tumble.

She captioned the video, "Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. #StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn"

Good for you, Iggy!



Summer is almost, if not already, over. You know what that means: woolly jumpers and hot water bottles are back baby! You may act sad, but deep, deep down, you are looking forward to clearer air and counting down the days till Christmas (125 days). Here are the 16 best things about autumn:

1. Less Sweat, More Success

Summer equals sweat. Simple as. Despite the fact that we live in a country where the highest temperature for the entire summer period is 20 degrees, there are some days when it gets a little muggy, also known as being ‘shockingly close’. Autumn brings with it cool breezes and less of a need for lashings of deodorant.

2. A Better Night's Sleep

Trying to sleep in sticky, warm weather isn’t that easy. Too warm with a duvet, too cold without it. Cool nights mean warm blankets, spooning and restful shut eye all round.

3. No More Hayfever

Hayfever, the very bane of many a persons summer. Which is why, come Autumn, noses all around the country clear up, along with the dampened spirits. Goodbye nasal spray, farewell and feck off.

4. Halloween

Halloween is the best. The costumes, the shameless inhalation of sugar, watching Hocus Pocus – it's magical. 

5. Blankets Everywhere

Goodbye sheet for a duvet and HELLO thick blankets, how we’ve missed you. Welcome back.

6. Less Grooming

In comes the temperature drop and with it, hair. Goodbye smooth legs, hello a warm layer of hairy insulation. That goes for the men too. Stubble and autumn go hand in hand.

7. Extra Weight Equals Insulation

The beach body is out and the inch to pinch is in. Cuddly is the height of sexy and practical. Hey, there’s only so many layers a person can wear externally, after all.

8. Decent TV Is Back

If you are sick to the back teeth of the same Friends re-runs (LOL, as if), then fear not, we have autumn scheduling to look forward to. The best of the best usually begins in and around September/October. Many nights in to look forward to.

9. The New Fashion Season

Tights, coats, jumpers, scarves, joy. Layering is caring, the more the merrier, nothing is too much, no layer too many. Pile them on and glow with warmth.

10. Oktoberfest

A festival renowned for and based around beer. Could there be anything better we ask you? Not unless you actually go to Germany for it, now there’s the dream.

11. Early Nights Are More Acceptable

When it’s bright until ten at night, going to bed early is a difficult task and by difficult. When, however, the depths of winter set in and it’s dark outside at 5pm, getting into your onesie and hitting the bed at 8pm is totally acceptable. Yes. 

12. Comfort Food

Soups, stews, anything that’s hot and warming hits the spot. Farewell salads, see you next May.

13. Hot Drinks

Is there anything better than coming in from the cold and straight into a steaming cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/hot whiskey? No, there isn't. 

14. Thick Socks

Following a summer of baring our ugly feet (everyone has ugly feet, it’s a scientific fact), letting them retreat to the fluffy depths of some woolly socks is a great moment in itself.

15. Tanning Is Out

16. Everything Is An Instagram Moment

From the leaves on the ground, to the shadows that appear everywhere, to the rich sunsets, everything around you looks ten times more beautiful in autumn. The autumn colour palette itself is enough to warrant those many Kodak moments.

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Lindsay Lohan has sparked concern after posing for photographers in a sleeveless dress, and revealing a suspicious bruise on her arm.

It was only a few weeks ago that the star was spotted with a scratch on her leg, which she said was the result of an accident on her bicycle, but she didn’t answer any questions about where her latest bruise came from.

With Lindsay’s past record, you wouldn’t know what she’s been getting up to. We really hope it’s just the result of a clumsy fall – she’s been known to have a few!




Happy Friday! Here are some cute animals to make your day even better!

1. Usually it’s the dogs that embarrass themselves

Cat Box - Copy

2. Play dead, play dead!

Cat Done Fall - Copy

3. Look at the way he psychs himself up for the launch

Cat Jump - Copy

4. Yes! Chasing! Let’s go! Oh no…

Dog Bush - Copy

5. Sleepy time…

Dog Catch - Copy

6. Too cute. He needs a smaller stick

Dog Stick

7. The enthusiasm is just too much

dog wtf - Copy

8. Horse yoga

Horse Ball - Copy

9. If Larry David was a penguin

Penguin Slip - Copy

10. Too much excitement, poor pug never had a chance

pug falls - Copy

11. Smooth surfaces and fluffy cats

tumblr_m5iisuxkJB1qduen9o1_500 - Copy

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When standing in front of half of Dublin, the last thing you want to do is mortify yourself!

Sadly that’s exactly what happened to Liam Payne when he was left red-faced after falling flat on his back during One Direction’s concert at Croke Park last night.


After the gig, the 20-year-old hit Twitter to laugh off the fall with his 16 million fans.

“Well you gotta think on the bright side of these things least I get to watch myself on a fail compilation on YouTube,” he joked.

Click here to see the tumble!

We’re sooooo mean!



Did she really fake it?



With proposals, wardrobe malfunctions, more wardrobe malfunctions and now a near-death experience, Monday’s Met Ball must be the most dramatic one in the history of the event.

Ok, so ‘near-death experience’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but when Hayden Panettiere fell on the red carpet stairs, things could have been a lot worse.

The Nashville actress caught her foot on the skirt of her beautiful Dennis Basso gown as she tried to walk down the stairs and slipped.

Thankfully Hayden was fine and quickly got back up, taking it all in good humour.

We knew Jennifer Lawrence was a trendsetter, but this is just ridiculous.