These 11 animals being clumsy will make your Friday


Happy Friday! Here are some cute animals to make your day even better!

1. Usually it’s the dogs that embarrass themselves

Cat Box - Copy

2. Play dead, play dead!

Cat Done Fall - Copy

3. Look at the way he psychs himself up for the launch

Cat Jump - Copy

4. Yes! Chasing! Let’s go! Oh no…

Dog Bush - Copy

5. Sleepy time…

Dog Catch - Copy

6. Too cute. He needs a smaller stick

Dog Stick

7. The enthusiasm is just too much

dog wtf - Copy

8. Horse yoga

Horse Ball - Copy

9. If Larry David was a penguin

Penguin Slip - Copy

10. Too much excitement, poor pug never had a chance

pug falls - Copy

11. Smooth surfaces and fluffy cats

tumblr_m5iisuxkJB1qduen9o1_500 - Copy

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