Five little known facts about Little Miss Sunshine!


Little Miss Sunshine, released in 2006, tells the story of a family determined to get their daughter to the final of a beauty pageant in another state, no matter what it takes.

This edgy comedy-drama was a massive hit with audiences worldwide because it focused purely on the story of a troubled family dealing with typical and not-so-typical struggles, but managed to be touching, relatable and downright hilarious throughout.

Here are five little known facts about this top notch flick!

1. Steve Carell wasn’t the moviemaker’s first, or even second, choice to play down-on-his-luck Uncle Frank.

Both Bill Murray and Robin Williams were contenders before Steve, a relative unknown in Hollywood at the time, nabbed and totally nailed the role!

2. The age difference between Toni Collette and Paul Dano was quite small despite them playing mother and son.

Toni was only 34 years-old at the time of the shoot while Paul was just twelve years her junior!

3. The little girls we saw in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant weren’t actors.

They were real-life contestants from actual beauty pageants and they rocked the same hair and make-up they usually do at events!

4. Music was actually playing in Abigail Breslin’s earphones every time her character Olive used them.

This was to ensure that the young Abigail didn’t hear her on-screen grandad’s constant swearing!

5. Greg Kinnear’s wife made fun of his dancing at their actual wedding so the actor was never comfortable with dancing scenes in movies.

He even requested the famous dance scene at the end of the movie to be deleted from the final cut!