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If you and your other half are all about romantic sentiments of astronomical proportions and public declarations of excessive affection, then, boy, do we have the perfect thing for you guys.

Brought to you by ROKSHOK, this device allows your other half to record your expression when he or she chooses to get down on one knee.

Marketed as slim and discreet, the bizarre gadget conceals the ring before it ultimately emerges on a plastic pedestal… and records the recipient's reaction.

If the thought of waiting a few moments to take a snap of yourself with your partner in the aftermath of the proposal is utterly unbearable, then this is definitely for you.

Lord knows your friends and family would never forgive you if you didn't record every… single… second… *cough*.



Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? Traditionally, most women go for a gold ring with a clear white diamond setting as an engagement ring.

But things have changed – women want a ring that reflects their style and personality. Listen, if it's going to sparkle on your finger for life, it better suit you

One trend that looks like it is here to stay is the coloured rocks; and we are HERE for it! 

Coloured engagement rings are perfect for the quirky bride who wants to give her rock an edge, and make the diamond (or emerald) pop.

It's a edgier alternative to more traditional white diamonds, and it's so different, which we really love.

We decided to do a bit of a round up of our favourite coloured engagement rings, direct from social media (of course).

1. Serious mermaid vibes here. 

I would literally DIE if someone gave me this, but with a sapphire in the middle instead. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

2. Nothing beats a yellow diamond. 

3. Our inner goth is in LOVE. 

modern engagement ring with black diamond

4. What girl doesn't love some pink?

You're going to be popping champagne on your wedding day, so consider a champagne colored stone for your engagement ring! It'll be a constant reminder that every day with your true love is something worth celebrating!

5. We're green with envy.

Gorgeous emerald ring                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

6. This antique peach diamond ring is stunning. 

sapphire engagement rings round vintage peach sapphire

7. This reminds us of unicorns. 

Heavenly Opal Halo Ring

8. There is something so ethereal about a purple engagement ring.

Tanzanite and rose gold engagement ring | EidelPrecious/Etsy

9. We're actually overwhelmed.

Awesome 52 Stunning Stone Engagement Rings

10. Navy rock, say no more. 

Engagement ring. Tanzanite ring. Blue Tanzanite by EidelPrecious



Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? Traditionally, most women go for a gold ring with a clear white diamond setting as an engagement ring.

But things have changed – women want a ring that reflects their style and personality. Listen, if it's going to sparkle on your finger for life, it better suit you

One trend that looks like it is here to stay is the black diamond; and we are HERE for it! 

Black diamond are perfect for the quirky bride who wants to give her rock an edge, and make the diamond pop.

It's a edgier alternative to more traditional white diamonds, and it's so different, which we really love.

It also has an antique-like vibe to it, which is incredibly sophisticated and elegant.

We decided to do a bit of a round up of our favourite black diamond engagement rings, direct from social media (of course).

15 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Worth Considering - Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite:



Black Hexagon Diamond Engagement Ring- Victoria Setting, 14K Rose Gold - Point No Point Studio - 6:





Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/227963572/floral-diamond-black-spinel-engagement:



New black diamond marquise ring. Online and in shop @shopladidadee. Pretty jewels!!

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Or maybe this one :



Raw Black diamonds 

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Black diamond engagement ring | Gorgeous non-traditional engagement ring | via http://emmalinebride.com/engagement/non-traditional-engagement-rings/:


How stunning is this Black Swan



Pinterest is the perfect destination for inspiration – from baby names to home decorations. 

However, if you have been planning a wedding, or engagement, then Pinterest will literally be your new bible. 

It is bursting with stunning ideas about wedding venues, dresses, bouquets and, of course, engagement rings. 

And while we appreciate a woman's desire to be an individual, we wanted to share with you the MOST pinned engagement ring on Pinterest, for inspiration purposes. 

Sylvia Billone’s engagement ring has been saved a whopping 103,900 times on Pinterest, making it the most popular rock on the site.

According to the Daily Mail, the stunning solitaire ring is 1.22 karats with a two-millimetre rose gold band and was made custom for the bride.

Rose gold solitaire engagement ring with Art Deco wedding band ♥ by gabrielle:

Silvia did not reveal the cost of her exquisite ring, but we can pretty much guarantee that it was not cheap (shocking). 

However, she is definitely on trend, with Pinterest's 2017 wedding report citing rose and pink shades as this years hottest wedding theme. 

This news also comes a few months after Pinterest revealed the most popular bridesmaid dress on the site, which was a simple rose-coloured floor length gown. 

The floor-length dress comes complete with a lace illusion neckline, crisscross pleated bodice, chiffon skirt and a centre back zip – and has been pinned over 170,000 times. 

The world's most coveted bridesmaid dress is priced at a surprisingly reasonable £120 – glorious news, right?

Anyone else feeling super inspired? 



One hopeful groom-to-be is getting a serious bashing online for his crowd funding stunt.

The 30-year-old has ruffled some feathers with a €14,000 crowd sourced fund for an engagement ring for his ride or die. 

"This will raise awareness about the difference between the love we share and the love people have for us," he wrote on the page.

"Money for the engagement is your chance to get involved. I've heard everything from "I Love Yall" to "You need to put a Ring On It" etc etc."

"After watching Talladega College raise over 400k to attend the Presidential Inauguration I became a devout believer in this method of raising money for things and people you love," he continued. 

"Sometimes we can't quite afford expensive things by ourselves. A lot of people lean on credit card companies and banks (that overcharge them) so that they appear to do nice things for people they love by themselves," he said, justifying his actions.

The fund isn't exactly working out for the groom, with only €570.00 raised towards his goal so far. 

While it is wonderful that the loved-up lad wants to propose, €14,000 is a lot to ask of friends and strangers. 

"We have friends, family, and colleagues that don't mind passing up a drink or a sandwich to help out. Anything helps."

"All proceeds will go to the purchase of a beautiful engagement ring one that WE ALL can be proud of. Call me crazy but Love is Free Not Engagement Rings and Weddings," he finished. 

Feature image: Instagram/ ringconcierge


While we all love pizza, we're not sure that we love the fast food enough to justify having it symbolise our engagement.

However, to each their own, and Domino's have released a limited edition Domino's pizza slice engagement ring, perfect for the pepperoni lover in your life.

The ring was available to win (for UK and Northern Ireland residents only, sadly) by competition only over Valentine's Day on the Domino's UK Facebook page. 

“We’re constantly innovating to make our customers’ lives easier – and our new pizza engagement ring is the ultimate gift for someone planning to pop the question this February 14," a Domino's spokesperson told Scotsman Food and Drink.

The one-of-a-kind ring features a single pizza slice speckled with little diamond pepperoni on a gold band.

We're not sure how we'd feel if someone proposed to us with a pizza ring, but for any hard core Domino's lovers, it would work like a charm.

All this talk of pizza is making us pretty hungry….



Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not, you'll totally fan-girl over this engagement ring.

Fans can pretty much get their hands on any little bit of HP merchandise these days, but looking at those diamonds, this is our favourite piece of all (diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?).

Sapphire Studios Design has created an engagement ring to resemble the Golden Snitch, and they certainly put a lot of work into it.

Drenched in diamonds, the sparkler comes in gold, rose gold, white gold and silver, so you have a lot to choose from.

The range starts off at €500 and goes up to about €750. 

We think it's time to start throwing out those hints, ladies.


Just days after Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk announced they were expecting their first baby together, media outlets in the US have gone into overdrive over the appearance of a ring on Irina's left hand.

While getting her chill on during a spa day in LA, the model was spotted rocking one seriously stunning emerald ring which has led most people to believe a trip up the aisle is most definitely on the cards.

While the couple have been dating since last year, they only made confirmed it in May and rarely shy away from public displays of affection.

After news broke that they were set to become parents, sources revealed that Bradley has become especially protective over Irina as she prepare for jobs abroad.

"He has been spotted dropping her off at the airport with kisses as she is about to take off for another job,” the source said. “They are just a very sweet couple."

The Russian-born 30-year-old began dating the Hangover actor in 2015 after a five-year relationship with international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.


Ever since Kathryn Thomas announced her engagement earlier this month, we’ve been only DYING to get a proper, up close and personal look at her sparkler.

And the wait is now over.

While celebrating the launch of the Asador Terrace at Dublin’s Asador Restaurant, the much-loved presenter and fitness enthusiast showcased her princess cut diamond engagement ring, and frankly we’re having trouble concentrating on anything else.

Would you LOOK at that sparkler?!

And it sounds like Kathryn, who has been in a relationship with Padraig McLoughlin since 2013, may have had a hand in its choosing.

Reflecting on the months leading up to Padraig’s surprise proposal in Ballyfin House, Kathryn recently said: “We had talked about it on and off for the last six months."

"I might have dropped a few Pinterest pictures. Just a few," she joked.

Well, let’s just say it  – girl’s got serious taste.


She recently surprised fans by taking her relationship with Liam Hemsworth back into the public eye, and now Miley Cyrus has spoken openly for the first time about her engagement.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, the Wrecking Ball singer chatted casually with the famous host about her engagement ring.

Upon being asked about a picture which shows her wearing a colourful piece of jewellery alongside the simple diamond ring, Miley explained that wearing “real jewellery” is weird for her because most of her jewellery “is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy”.


I look like a fucking strawberry. #looklikemyfuckingmomdressedmethisam #prettysureihadthissamelookat6

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She then suggested that the clash of styles doesn’t always work and confessed to sometimes replacing the ring with more playful pieces.

Miley said: “This is really weird because this is like real jewellery and most of my jewellery is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy and they don’t look that good together because they kind of mix up.”

“So sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney tune a he’s kind of like, ‘What’s going on?’ I am like, ‘This isn’t really my aesthetic but I’ll wear it because you love me.’”


So much love in one pic….  get ur happy hippie teeeee hereeeee http://miley.lk/HappyHippieMerch

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Earlier this year, Miley was spotted wearing the ring – which was first given to her by her Hunger Games beau back in 2012 – shortly after they were pictured together in Australia and LA.

Despite the near persistent presence of the rock, in March Liam denied that his and Miley’s engagement was back on.

But given that Miley made no attempt to end her conversation with Ellen today, it seems wedding bells could at long last be on the way.

Feat image: Shutterstock


From The Notebook’s Noah and Allie to Titanic’s Jack and Rose, if Hollywood’s good for anything, it’s producing fantasy worthy relationships.

Since Twilight has become the unlikely love story of the millennial generation, it’s no surprise that fans of the franchise are obsessed with each and every detail of Bella and Edward’s wedding.

From November 19 to 20, an extensive Twilight themed auction will be held online which will allow fans to bid on the original props, costumes and set decoration pieces used to bring the vampire saga to life.

Among the 900 items being sold by Prop Store and Summit Entertainment is Bella Swan’s wedding hair pin and sizeable engagement ring.

Since replicas of the ring have sold almost €1,500, it is expected that the real deal will go for twice that sum.

For the truly obsessed, Bella and Edward’s wedding costumes will also be sold in both their clean and blood-stained forms, as will her bridal bouquet and New Moon bracelets.


Anyone up for a Twilight wedding?

GIF: Giphy



A newly-engaged woman has been left devastated – losing her engagement ring just hours after her boyfriend gave her a dream proposal in Dublin.

The bride-to-be travelled from Northern Ireland to the city for a weekend mini-break on Friday.

“He totally surprised me,” the woman told SHEmazing! this afternoon. “We were staying at the Shelbourne – then on Saturday morning he asked me to marry him.

“He whisked me straight off to Grafton Street and there we visited a few different jewellers – being offered glasses of champagne on arrival.

“It was just an amazing experience – a whirlwind.”

Sadly, however, her delight could only last a few hours.

“We had dinner in The Shelbourne and then decided to get a drink on Baggot Street.

“We were in O’Donoghues – and I know I had my ring leaving – and then decided to go on to the No.5 Vinoteca bar.

“Either I lost it there, or I lost it en route back to the Shelbourne.”

Only bought that morning, the ring had yet to be resized and was loose. Understandably, she is now devastated that she never even got the opportunity to bring her ring home to show it to friends and family.

Describing why she chose that particular piece, she said: “I just like that it was a bit unusual looking – there was a real vintage feel to it and the particular cut jumped out at me as soon as I saw it.”

She’s already informed gardaí of the loss and is now desperately appealing for anyone who might have found the ring to come forward.

“Vinoteca have been really good – they looked high and low for me but nothing. I’m hanging on to blind hope now and just trying to get the word out.”


Have you seen the missing engagement ring? Let us know here.