If you’ve ever been bothered by your inability to chop hard-boiled eggs into perfectly rounded circles – or if you just like looking at weird food – then this is for you.

The mystery of circular egg slices has long baffled deli-goers, but turns out the reason those eggs are so round is because they are cut from one giant tubular egg called a Danish long egg.

Now before you start convincing yourselves of strange things, hens do not lay long eggs – instead regular eggs are put through a series of processes until the long egg is produced.

According to this odd but strangely mesmerising video on Diply, the eggs are washed, cracked and separated by machines before the whites are cooked in a mould which has a hole in its centre.

The yolks are then injected back into the middle of the mould so they look more like regular eggs.

If any less than perfect looking eggs arrive at the production line’s end, quality inspectors grab them and remove the ugly bits to ensure the long eggs look picture perfect.

Thank you, Internet!