Poached, scrambled, and now… cat-shaped.

Your Sunday morning Instagram feed could be about to get a lot cuter, because cat-shaped fried eggs are a thing now and the internet is having something of a meltdown.

The idea was created by foodie Cindy Ho who is also the creator of her own food blog – fittingly titled Egg Addiction.

Her silicone fried-egg moulds will allow brunch-lovers to easily whip up feline-shaped eggs, simply by pouring the egg white into the mould and plopping two yolks in for eyes.

The catch? Cindy's idea is still only in production, and though she has finally landed on the perfect prototype she needs the internet's help to make cat-shaped eggs a reality.

Not to worry though, as Cindy's Kickstarter page has already raised an incredible €64,000, ten times more than her original goal.

"Although a Cat Fried Egg Mould may seem like a simple product, the actual design process was pretty tedious and complicated," Cindy explains.

"I have about 100 more prototypes in a huge box in my kitchen pantry. I have tested many different Cat Fried Egg Moulds and COOKED EVEN MORE EGGS than I have ever in my lifetime."

The fact that any investment over €10.60 will also earn you your own mould (shipped to anywhere in the world) is no doubt one of the main reasons why Cindy's fundraising has gone so well.

Any donations over €16.70 will secure you some other extras, too, like a smaller egg mould for quail eggs (fancy) and personalised postcards sent from Cindy's home in San Francisco.

You'll have to move quickly though, as the page will close on November 13.