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Got any plans for a weekend getaway over the next couple of months? Now you do!

Ryanair announced on Twitter just minutes ago that they'll be offering 30c flights to Copenhagen for the next 3 hours. Flights can be booked for anytime between March 18th and May 21st.

Ladies, you have until  2pm – get booking! Just in case we didn't make ourselves clear… that's 60c for a return flight!

See you in Copenhagen!



While most people dream of heading to sunny Spain and Portugal for their summer holidays, they can sometimes overlook the great Scandinavian countries, especially Denmark. Fear not, as we’ve listed six reasons why you should visit the great European destination that is Denmark.

No language barriers
More than 80% of Danish people speak English, so you don’t have to worry too much about language barriers. However, it’s still nice to learn some of the local lingo at the same time.

Food and wine
Denmark has some unusual but amazing cuisine. They also have a great variety when it comes to their restaurant and café selection as well.

It was voted the happiest nation in 2008. So, it’s no surprise that the locals are not only stunning but friendly too.

You don’t have to go to Copenhagen to see some amazing Danish architecture, as Denmark has some amazing building designs all across it's vast country.

Public transportation
Copenhagen is one of the most cycle friendly cities in Europe, but if that wasn’t enough, they also have a great Metro and public bus system in place too.

From LegoLand to the Hans Christian Anderson statue of The Little Mermaid – there's definitely plenty to see in this Scandinavian country.