12 things that make a bad day even worse


Some things can just make our day really, really, bad. And then more often than not, things happen to make it EVEN WORSE. 

1.Woke Up Late
Great, no shower. 


2. Stubbing Your Toe
Oh, the pain and frustration are immense. 


3. Poured Out Cereal But You Have No Milk
Someone will pay for this. 


4. You Left the House Without Deodorant
And it's one of those really horrible clammy "close" days. Gah!


5. Rain
No sure, I mean why would it be sunny?


6. Bus is Full to Work
It doesn’t even matter if the person beside you is a normal person. You hate them right now. They are in your bubble.

bus wankers

7. Your Hair-tie snapped
Mid-run….You may kill someone. And then rob their hair-tie. 

fuck it all


8. Work
Maybe if you hadn’t had to get up to go to the place that slowly diminishes your soul, you wouldn’t have stubbed your toe and you would be fine right now, watching Gossip Girl and eating hummus.


9. Bit Your Lip Walking into Work
WHY does this place hate you so much?!


10. You Didn’t Get That Promotion
What’s worse is the stupid guy who did get it. 



11.  You Realise You Are Forever Alone
Your brain thought today was a great day to make you realise it.


12. Everyone Else Seems Extra Happy Today
Be thankful there is only 24 hours in the day. Go home, wash off the day in the bath. Forget everything, get in your jammies and watch what ever terrible TV you want. You deserve this. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be sunny.


via our content partner CT