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Searching numerous websites, completing long-winded application forms and constructing the perfect cover letter is a full time job in itself.

And while nailing an interview is great, a rejection letter or email can seriously knock your confidence and have us hiding under our duvet. 

Staying positive during a job search can be tough and emotions can run deep, but there are a few simple things you can do to stay motivated during this time:

Have a plan

Create an actual written, thought-out plan about what you want to do or what road you want to take with your career.

You can only control so many things and having a plan in place will help you stay focused when everything else feels so undecided. 


Create a hot list

Identify up to 20-50 companies, people or businesses you would love to work for and make a note of 'why' for each one. 

Then do some research into these places and people and try to build relationships with them. Always keep your mental note of why you want to work with them in mind. 


Give yourself targets

It helps to set a daily or weekly target when you're out of work. It will get your creative juices flowing and you will be surprised with how much you achieve while not working. 


Surround yourself with good people

Not having your dream job in the bag can feel miserable at times so make sure you have friends and family around you that will lighten up the load and make you feel good about yourself.

You'd be surprised at how much they can lighten up your mood. 


Visualise it

This may sound a bit naf, but seeing yourself in the end result can be SO powerful. Create a vision board and ensure it's visible every day. 

It may include pictures of your dream office or home and it will keep you focused on the things you actually want to achieve in life. 


We're all guilty of it: we wake up full of good intentions. We weather breakfast and maybe even lunch admirably, but at some stage we reckon 'feck it! – the diet starts tomorrow," before diving head-first into a giant glass of wine or family-sized bag of Kettle Crisps.

Because it seems that everyone is always starting their healthy eating regimes and exercise schedules 'tomorrow,' – or indeed 'on Monday…' or on the 'first of the month'.

So what's difficult about starting right now? And what can we do to give ourselves a kick up the arse?

Here, SHEmazing! brings you the ultimate guide to getting motivated…


1) Ask yourself why

Are you losing weight simply because you feel you 'should'? A lack of goals or clear targets will allow you to put off the best intentions indefinitely.

So ask yourself why: to fit back into your jeans; to look your best at a wedding; to be able to run 5km without stopping. Keep these goals in mind at all times until healthy living becomes second nature.

And write it all down too – then store it on your phone and refer back regularly. 

2) Know your triggers 

A lot of time, we don't really the reasons that prompt us to overeat – leading to binges. So work out how you eat and why. Do you eat because you're bored, or emotional, or thirsty? Do you always crack at 6pm? Are you someone who needs to have a treat day – or are you better off sticking to a diet plan until you start to see results?

Everyone is different – and you're best placed to identify your own nutritional pitfalls. While you're at it, clear the kitchen out of the food that you know you'll lean on after a tough day.

3) Preparation is key

No matter how much background checks you carry out – you won't get very far if you're not organised. This might mean having a stash of almonds or carrot sticks in your handbag at all times, so when hungry strikes you can reach for something healthy.

It probably means planning the week's meals in advance on a Sunday evening – hitting the supermarket accordingly.

Check out menus before eating out too in order to work out your best bets. The same goes to exercise and the gym: schedule in your sessions and stick to them as you would a job interview or important appointment. 

4) Spread the word

You'll need support no matter what – so tell your friends and family of your plans to get healthy and lose any excess kilos. Explain to them that you really want to quit the yo-yo dieting cycle, and that you're fully committed to making this plan work once and for all.

Spell out why this is something that's important to you, and emphasise that their support could well mean the difference between success and failure. For your own sake too – knowing that others know will help you stay on track.

5) Get visual

Dig out a picture of you wearing your coveted size 12 jeans – or a snap of you in a bikini looking pretty great. Make copies and stick them around your house: the fridge; your wardrobe; the bathroom mirror.

Knowing that you were once fitter and healthier than you are now proves that you can be that way again. If you want, you can even stick up a snap of a celebrity body shape you really admire.



A lot of people dread their birthdays – what will they do? What will people expect them to do?

Let’s face it, not everyone’s idea of an amazing night is hitting the clubs.

So, if you feel you’ve gotten too mature for raving house parties then why not choose one of these instead?

After all, almost anyone can be guilt-tripped when your birthday is involved.

1. Spa day
Have a relaxing and fun spa day with your best friends, your mum, or even alone if you prefer! You’ll feel ready to take on the next year in no time.

2. Dinner
Have a cosy dinner with your close friends and family at a nice restaurant or even at home. If someone else if willing to cook, obviously.

3. Weekend away
Why not go on a lovely break somewhere? Either around Ireland or even further afield if you can!

4. Do something crazy
Ever wanted to bungee jump or rock climb? Take your birthday as an opportunity to do new things and make other people do them with you.

5. Hike
Plan a full day hike up a mountain you’ve never climbed before. You’ll feel so accomplished after! Make sure you have the right gear and plan ahead though, safety first!



Going on a trip with your other half is bigger than you think. In some cases, some time away can help a relationship flourish. But in other cases, going on an extended trip as a couple only ends in war (if not worse).

Here are some important tips for travelling with your partner:

Plan it together

The idea of your boyfriend planning a surprise holiday is nice in theory. But, you will only be disappointed if things don’t turn out how you would have liked them to. So make sure you both decide on a destination and compromise to make it work.

Have romantic moments

Take some time out of living the life of a tourist and do something you know you would never get the chance to do at home. Go for a romantic dinner at the beach or a midnight cocktail under the stars.

Expect some bumps

With flight delays and weather conditions, not everything will go as planned. Remember to stay calm and collected. To make the most of your holiday away, try not to let the little things get to you.