5 very mature and grown-up ways to celebrate your birthday


A lot of people dread their birthdays – what will they do? What will people expect them to do?

Let’s face it, not everyone’s idea of an amazing night is hitting the clubs.

So, if you feel you’ve gotten too mature for raving house parties then why not choose one of these instead?

After all, almost anyone can be guilt-tripped when your birthday is involved.

1. Spa day
Have a relaxing and fun spa day with your best friends, your mum, or even alone if you prefer! You’ll feel ready to take on the next year in no time.

2. Dinner
Have a cosy dinner with your close friends and family at a nice restaurant or even at home. If someone else if willing to cook, obviously.

3. Weekend away
Why not go on a lovely break somewhere? Either around Ireland or even further afield if you can!

4. Do something crazy
Ever wanted to bungee jump or rock climb? Take your birthday as an opportunity to do new things and make other people do them with you.

5. Hike
Plan a full day hike up a mountain you’ve never climbed before. You’ll feel so accomplished after! Make sure you have the right gear and plan ahead though, safety first!