Behold, the spikiest, chubbiest bundle of cuteness you've ever seen. 

Jabba the hedgehog has been dubbed The Big One by staff at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue in the UK for his larger-than-life size.

Weighing in at 4lbs – three times heavier than the average hedgehog – Jabba is the size of a standard football.

Unfortunately for Jabba though, his weight is something of an issue, as it means he can't curl into a ball to protect himself when out in the wild.

It seems the poor fella piled on more than a few 'holiday pounds' after being found and taken in last year. A diet of puppy food and mealworm meant Jabba soon began piling on the pounds – which can be just as dangerous for hedgehogs as it is for humans.

Staff at the Willtshire rescue centre took Jabba in recently, and have him on a strict diet which has already seen him drop 40g. Good man, Jabba.

While you won't see him hitting spin class any time soon, Jabba has been getting some good exercise of late thanks to smart staff who have placed his food at one end of his hutch, and his bed at the other.

Once Jabba's weight gets closer to 650g, he'll hopefulyl be allowed back into the wild.

"He needs to get on the treadmill and we have got to get him to lose weight," animal carer Darren Quires told the Daily Mail.

Best of luck Jabba!