Happy World Animal Day!

Where would we be without our fluffy pets and long-time supporters waiting by the door to welcome us home each evening?

Probably in a constant state of depression and loneliness, and, god forbid, we would have to completely rely on human relationships.

So to honour our furry friends, Twitter users are sharing photos of our favourite friends giving us some greatly needed confidence boosts.

The thread has taken off and has debatably become the best thing to ever happen on social media.

I bet you didn't know that Michael D. Higgins' dog had a rags-to-riches story. How adorable!

These majestic birds can travel the world but are constantly homesick. They always come back when they're ready to settle down.

 The Takahē is my new spirit animal.

And here our some of our favourite inspirational beings:

Animals always know the right thing to say to get us feeling fierce and fabulous.

Self-confidence has never looked better coming from these cute creatures.

So, next time someone tries to tell you what to do, channel your inner Grizzly Bear and stand up for yourself.

These wild beasts give the best advice on how to live your life outside the cage.