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Morning radio got VERY interesting today, when Irish actor Colin Farrell appeared on Ian Dempsey's breakfast show on Today FM. 

Ian and the Today FM gang are currently in Los Angeles to cover this year's Special Olympics World Summer Games, and Colin popped into the studio for a chat… and an unusual task.

If you didn't already know, rugby pundit George Hook is in the process of writing a novel (an erotic one no less), and he recently admitted that he'd love to see Colin Farrell taking the lead role if a film adaptation ever comes about.

Ian took the opportunity to test out Colin's suitability for the role by getting him to read an excerpt from the novel, and to show off his George Hook impersonation while he was at it:

George has revealed that his novel's working title is Slav For Love, though we prefer Colin's suggestion, Fifty Shades of Grump.

Chatting about the book's plot on his radio show, The Right Hook, the broadcaster said it involved a WWII-era young Polish woman who was "despoiled" by German soldiers. Charming.

When asked if it was comparable with the record breaking Fifty Shades trilogy, he said his work will be "more Tolstoy than EL James" adding, "First of all it’s well written – it has full stops, commas, and paragraphs."

We're not sure what we're more nervous about – the book, or the film adaptation…


Oh the Kloss family. Did you know that the good genes were not just bestowed upon supermodel sister Karlie?

They weren’t. while Karlie is one of the models of the moment (and member of T-Swifty’s all-important lady squad) she might be facing some competition from her sister.

Kimberly Kloss made a red carpet debut with sis Karlie at the Paper Towns NYC premiere on Tuesday.

Wearing a white cut-out dress with seriously stylish strappy sandals the Diane Von Furstenberg intern cut quite the fashionable figure. Oh, and they’re not the only ones in the family, Kimberly has a twin sister Kariann, and they also have an older sister named Kristine.

Kariann (we’re reminded of another famous family with a passion for K-names) is more of a sports personality than a fashion guru. In 2012 Karlie told Vogue with pride “She's in the newspaper all the time!”

While you try and envision how lovely the Kloss family portraits are, we got to thinking about some other celebrities and their genetically blessed siblings. We think there might have been a few more than you anticipated.

Lottie Moss, Kate’s sister.

​Nickayla Rivera, the Glee star Naya's sister

​Claudine Farrell

​THEON? Actually no, Alfie Allen is Lily Allen’s brother.

Kate and Oliver Hudson

Sebastian Theroux shares his brother’s love of biker jackets




It is safe to say that Colin Farrell is one of the hottest actors, men, and definitely dads to come out of our fair Emerald Isle.

So, what better way to honour Father’s Day weekend than by hearing from the man himself.

The 39-year-old has two sons, James who is 12, and Henry who is 4-years-old. When asked what it means to be a father, Colin gave a seriously emotional response.

“It’s incredibly complicated, I find it, to be a father because I have no idea what I’m doing,” the new face of Dolce & Gabbana’s Intenso revealed in an interview with the brand.

“I haven’t read any books but I know that if I did they would just confound me even more,” he admitted.

“It can be a terrifying thing – but also there’s a great liberation in being a father… Because for the first time you are not the most important thing in your world. For the first time in your life you really have an understanding of what it is to love unconditionally. And it’s a pretty extraordinary gift.”

We just have dust in our eyes, we swear!

The True Detective star had his first child with American model Kim Bordenave in 2003. Mr Farrell fathered his second child, Henry, with actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, but their relationship ended in 2010. 


He was formly famed for his wild-streak.

However, last night Colin Farrell really caught our attention when he revealed that his one-time Hollywood bad boy image pales in comparison to his teenage years.

Indeed, the 39-year-old Dubliner previously had a serious run-in with the law, being questioned by police in relation to an attempted murder while in Australia.

"In my late teens, I was brought in by the cops for questioning as a suspect in an attempted murder," he revealed while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“I was supposed to bring my mother to the airport and I was pulled in by the cops."

He went on to explain: “I saw a photo of the guy that did the crime and I thought it looked remarkably like me and for a second, I had a black out that night I wondered, could I have done such a thing?”

The incredible revelation came to light during a game of True Confessions, in which Jimmy Fallon and Vince Vaughan both had to guess if Mr Farrell was telling the truth or telling fibs.

In response to Colin's tale, poor Vince even got a bit cagey saying: “I’m a bit nervous here cause I think we might have a guy that got away with murder.”

In the end, Jimmy and Vince guessed he was telling the truth, and guess what, he was!

But don’t fret, he actually was in no way involved in the crime it just happened to be committed by someone that looked extremely like him.

Colin is currently playing a leading role in TV series True Detective alongside Vince Vaughn.


Famous folk have an incredible knack for remaining ageless. They just don’t seem to crinkle, cease, and wear and tear like the rest of us eventually do.

But then there are the celebrities who seem to only ever get better with the passing of each year. Whether the result of good genes, expert grooming, expensive beauty treatments, or even the odd nip-tuck, these six stars are more beautiful and more striking now than they were a decade ago…

Beyonce Knowles has never been anything less than a total hottie – but it’s also clear that she’s never looked better. Gone is the dodgy fashion of her Destiny’s Child days and, as displayed at the recent Met Ball in New York wearing Givenchy Couture, Ms Knowles is now definitely approaching goddess territory. That and she still looks significantly younger than her 33 years.

We’re going out on a limb here, but we think that fatherhood and Angelina Jolie have done Brad Pitt a world of good. He may be now 51 (nope, we can’t believe it either), but there’s a certain gentlemanly distinction to the Brad of 2015 that was lacking in his youth. He's busier than ever too: later this year, By The Sea, staring both Jolie and Pitt, will be released – their first collaboration since 2005’s Mr & Mrs Smith

Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, 41, had oodles of male fans during her Spice Girls days – including her now-husband David Beckham, who spotted her donning a black leather cat-suit in her Say You’ll Be There video and quickly arranged for the pair to meet. However, fast-forward to 2015 and Victoria rarely looks anything less than picture-perfect: she’s found her fashion niche and has established herself as a serious style icon.

Colin Farrell is one of the things that our nation can be proud of – and while we’re sure he turned a few heads during his Ballykissangle days, he’s really coming into his own now. He celebrates his 39th birthday later this month, but we reckon he looks better than he did a decade ago at the height of his fame. A father-of-two, he’s kicked the booze and replaced it with yoga – and it’s a lifestyle that clearly suits him.

Cheryl Fernandez Versini, 31, has just signed a big-money deal to return to the X Factor this year – and she is repeatedly referred to as one of the world’s most beautiful women. She’s always been stunning, but these days she’s definitely looking a lot more groomed. And frankly we’d give our right arm to have a sneak peek inside her surely-extensive wardrobe.

He is in incredible shape for a man of any age – never mind for a guy who’ll turn 44 next month. In his Marky Mark days back in the early Nineties, Mark Walhberg was arguably on wrong side of cringe, but these days he’s sophisticated and suave. His 1992 Calvin Klein advert alongside Kate Moss remains iconic, but we’d take the suited-and-booted Mark of 2015 over his younger self any day. 




Vince Vaughn will be joining Colin Farrell for Season 2 of True Detective it has just been confirmed!

The season will be eight episodes long and HBO have confirmed that Colin will be playing detective Ray Velcoro while Vince will star as career criminal Frank Semyon.

We couldn’t be more excited for this – how will they fare next to last season’s star performances by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey?!


We love a bit of telly goss here in Snapshot and with Monday comes your daily dose of Wired, where your host Niamh Geaney along with TV fanatics Conor Behan and Emma Power keep you up to to date with all the TV happenings!

Where you, like us, let down by the hyped-up Kardashian finale and the supposed showing of the wedding? Well, we have a little something to cheer you up! Conor, impersonator extraordinaire, does his best impression of a hungover Khloe which nearly had us in tears of laughter!

The legendary Friends celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year (I know, we cannot believe it either!) and we reveal how the show could have been a far cry from what it turned out to be with a completely different cast originally lined up…find out who!

We discuss Come Dine With Me melt-down’s, what might be Honey Boo Boo’s teary end and what hit drama Colin Farrell is set to star in!

This week on our X Factor highlights we look at a TOWIE gal favouring one particular scrumptious act, what one thing affects the judges moods and more.

Hope you enjoy our jam-packed edition! Next up tomorrow is your weekly event guide The Line-Up, so make sure to keep an eye out.



Not content with taking over the big screen with a string of Hollywood successes, Irish actor Colin Farrell now plans to take on the world of television.

The Dublin native confirmed that he will be starring in the second season of HBO drama True Detective.

He confirmed to the Sunday World that he will appear in at least eight episodes of the new series. Given that season one actually only had eight episodes in total, it sounds like Colin has a pretty major role!

Although he doesn't know many details yet, the actor said he is already "so excited" to begin filming. "I know very little about it, but we’re shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great. It means I get to stay at home and see the kids."

Colin has previously admitted that he keeps his children James and Henry out of the spotlight and that they know very little about their dad's fame. "They have no idea what I do for a living," he said in an interview earlier this year. 

"Henry saw me on the TV screen once and he went, 'What are you doing there?'" Aaaaw!

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will not be returning to their iconic True Detective roles this season, but the hunt is on for a big name female to star alongside Colin. Favourites at the moment are Rachel McAdams, Elisabeth Moss and Colin's Alexander co-star Rosario Dawson.

Hmmm, we don't mind if Rosario joins you on screen Colin, but you can leave the dodgy blonde wig behind this time!



Colin Farrell has said that filming his latest movie Miss Julie was “the toughest time I’ve had in 15 years”, and after watching this clip, we can see why!

It doesn’t look like this film will be a laugh a minute, but it certainly looks intriguing. And we have to applaud Colin on his Northern accent, he really has it down!

Watch the trailer to see for yourselves.



It has been reported that Colin Farrell is is talks to star in the upcoming second season of True Detective

The Irish actor is said to be "deep in talks" about a main role in the hit HBO show that could see his fame catapult to new heights. 

The first season of the popular show saw Matthew McConaughy and Woody Harrelson star alongside each other as partners solving a crime, though it is thought that the dynamic for next season will be much different. 

Would you be happy to see Colin take on a lead role in the second season of True Detective?



Colin Farrell was virtually unrecognisable during the shooting of his latest movie The Lobster in Kerry yesterday.

The 37-year-old heartthrob is now sporting a bit of a belly – we assume (and hope) is fake – for the role.

Colin is just one of the big names to star in the movie– directed by Oscar- nominated Yorgos Lanthimos – which also stars Rachel Weisz, Michael Smiley, Jessica Barden and Olivia Colman.

The movie is a Sci-Fi love story in which single people are arrested and transferred to a hotel.

Once they are there, they are forced to find a matching mate in 45 days or they will be transformed into an animal and released into the woods.

It is due to shoot over the next seven weeks on location in Ireland.

Speaking about the role, the Irish actor said, “It’s one of the most challenging and different roles I’ve ever taken on.

“Working in Kerry is amazing. Every morning when I wake up and open the curtains I’m completely taken aback by the view. And the crew are just fantastic.”



SHEmazing! TV got the chance to mingle with the stars and get all the gossip on the red carpet at Saturday nights IFTAs in Dublin