Brace yourselves, because George Hook’s erotic novel is coming

Radio presenter, rugby pundit and now, erotic novelist. All in a day’s work for a certain George Hook. Yes, you did read that correctly. Move over E.L James, there’s a new best-selling erotica aficionado in town… almost.

George Hook, 72-year old host of The Right Hook has revealed that he has a large portion of his upcoming erotic novel written, but that it won't be as raunchy as some might expect. 

When asked if it was comparable with the record breaking Fifty Shades trilogy, he said his work will be "more Tolstoy than EL James" adding, "First of all it’s well written – it has full stops, commas, and paragraphs."

The news of George’s fascination with the world of erotic literature came about after a discussion regarding fan fiction on his radio show last week. A fan of The Good Wife, George joked he would love to collaborate with his guest on an erotic fan fiction inspired by the show.

“The Further Adventures of Kalinda. I can describe her, the thigh high boots, the six inch heels, the fact that she is of a rather voracious sexual nature.”

Sounds charming.  His latest foray into the writing world contains a slightly more original tale of a young Polish girl “despoiled” by German soldiers during World War II. But could you imagine the audiobook?

This is not the first time George has tried to charm his way into the world of erotic fiction. In 2007 he had written ten chapters of a chick-lit book. Unfortunately for us all, it was rejected by publishers.

The book followed a blonde heroine who had “screwed her way across Ireland,” and somehow found herself brain damaged and sent to the Middle East.

“She’s gorgeous, she’s clever, tough as nails, with a wonderful chest. She’s the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to fall in love with.”

Sounds like George may have been planning for a film adaptation starring his celebrity crush Pamela Anderson. George has been crushing on the former Baywatch babe for quite some time now.

There’s no official dates coming in as of yet regarding the publication of George’s great masterpiece, so we have some time to ready ourselves.