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IFTAs 2014


Laura Whitmore has revealed that she was close to walking out of the IFTAs award ceremony,  a month ago.

The 28-year-old presenter said it was the difficult to present the award show, as the ceremony had lots of production problems

“It’s not very nice for someone when you’re not feeling safe in the situation you’re in.”

Whitmore said she continued on with the show for the sake of her co-presenter, Simon Delaney but it was still difficult to hear both of the presenters, due to the clattering of cutlery and the loud chatter of the audience.

She said “she doesn’t normally do jobs in Ireland” but made the “conscious decision to be there.”

“But it’s done now, and I try not to dwell on anything. The next day, I had to fly back to London. I just move on to the next thing. You live and you learn, and we got through it. Simon is an amazing person. I probably would have left if he hadn’t been there.”


SHEmazing! TV got the chance to mingle with the stars and get all the gossip on the red carpet at Saturday nights IFTAs in Dublin