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Congratulations are in order for Donal Skehan and his wife Sofie Larsson – they're expecting their first child.

The celebrity chef revealed the news on Instagram today with a very special photo of their recent sonogram.

Donal captioned the photo: "Life is about to change forever! We're expecting a little baby arriving this Autumn!

“Completely over the moon and feeling very blessed- Mommy and bump doing brilliantly, Dad & Max don’t know what’s about to hit! Big love, Donal, Sofie, Max & Bump.”


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Donal and Sofie also shared a six-minute video where they spoke about the great news and how excited they are for the future.

The couple have made the “big decision” to have the baby in America, where they are both currently working.

The bubbly chef currently has a show on RTÉ called Donal Skehan’s Meals in Minutes. If you want to check it out, it'll be broadcast every Tuesday on RTÉ One at 8.30pm until 11 July.

We're delighted for Donal and Sofie!


Donal Skehan has long been a favourite of ours, and he sky-rocketed in the UK after taking part in Saturday Kitchen.

But it seems the Irish chef is set for new sights as he's making his was to America to film a new TV show with his wife.


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Since he got married, Donal told the Irish Sun that the demand for a TV series with his wife has been massive, which he says he's amazed by because his wife, Sofie, is usually behind the camera.

The duo have filmed a pilot for the Food Network in the US, and said Sofie was brilliant with the change.


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“Sofie was great. She has been behind the camera for so long watching me do this and watching me learn, when it came to her turn she knew exactly what she was doing.

“We’ll see what happens after it airs as they’ll make a decision then so you just have to keep your head down and keep working.

“A lot of what we do is based on food and lifestyle, and we’ve been amazed in the interest in us, especially since we got married. I suppose it’s all part and parcel of what we are."

Who else would love to watch this?!


Saturday Kitchen is probably one of our favourite cooking shows out there at the moment.

They lost their full-time host, James Martin, last year and since then the show has been getting various chefs to take charge each weekend morning.

And one of those chefs is our own Donal Skehan.

Image result for saturday kitchen donal skehan

Now, we all know how great Donal is in the kitchen, but the UK viewers totally fell in love with him this morning.

And of course, Twitter exploded with delight:


Look, we've all seen the episodes where the Late Late is just Ryan rounding up his Montrose mates for a bit of a chat. 

But credit where it's due – on other occasions Tubers and his band of merry RTÉ researchers really pull out the big guns.

And this Friday is one of those weeks. Up on the couch is none-than Canadian Christmas crooner and all-round hilarious guy Michael Buble. 

That's not all, however. Also in studio is Graham Norton, as well as Donal Skeehan, and Kerry footballer Kieran Donaghy.

To top it all up, the Late Late is celebrating the legendary Joe Dolan with tribute performances from – mega-swoon – Nathan Carter.


The Late Late Show, this Friday, RTÉ One at 9.35pm


Chef and food writer Donal Skehan is set to present this weekend's Saturday Kitchen.

Former anchor James Martin left the show last month after a 10 year stint. He recently revealed that his resignation was down to budget cuts in the BBC, but he is happy he's "off the leash" now.

Donal will be the third celebrity chef to join the show, following on from Michel Roux Jr and Lorraine Pascale.

Saturday Kitchen has become an institution at the BBC and a big part of many people’s weekend routine, so there is huge pressure, but I’m really excited about the challenge of a live show and looking forward to cooking some delicious dishes,” Donal told The Irish Times.

Images: Donal Skehan


Fans of Irish TV chef Donal Skehan will know his Howth home, which he shares with wife Sofie, very well.

It has featured in his RTÉ cookery shows – Kitchen Hero and Cook, Eat, Burn – as well as providing the backdrop for many of his recipe photos. All in all, it's been Donal and Sofie's home for six years, but now the couple are leaving it, and Ireland, behind.

A move to Los Angeles to further his career as a celebrity chef has long been on the cards for Donal, and with a new Food Network series underway, it seems now is the right time to relocate.

"We’ve done some amazing things in Ireland and now it’s time to do what we do to a wider audience. We’ve a few friends and my uncle lives out there so it won’t be too lonely," he told The Herald last month.

Taking to Instagram this morning, Donal penned an emotional goodbye to his Howth cottage, reliving some of the couple's memories there.

"We said our goodbyes yesterday to the house which was our first home, the place all my shows were shot, the place we worked from, where our neighbours were never short of a big hello," Donal wrote next to a picture of himself and a smiling Sofie at their front door.

"[The house was] where Max came home to for the first time, where we first came home to as a married couple, where we grew veggies out the back all summer long, where the best cliff walks started and finished and where we cooked some of the best dinners and enjoyed the best nights in with friends and family, celebrating birthdays, engagements, babies, anniversaries and more.

"A huge thank you to everyone who crossed the threshold and enjoyed the place as much as we did, for now though it's goodbye to our little Howth home…"

Wishing Donal and Sofie the best of luck with their big move.


Between Catherine Fulvio, Donal Skehan, Jamie Oliver, and Lorraine Pascale – being a serious whizz in the kitchen is seriously in vogue.

Whipping up a hot and smoky vindaloo with pork belly (Jamie), butternut squash, leek and spinach bakes (Catherine), gingerbread pancakes with Parma ham and maple syrup (Lorraine), or Irish Atlantic sea salt caramels (Donal) should be, well, easy enough – but somehow we end up tucking into (another) bowl of pasta.

Our excuse? Well, for one thing we just don’t have the fancy-pants tools to create such fancy-pants meals from scratch.

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Irish chef Donal Skehan and his Swedish love Sofie married yesterday in an intimate Irish ceremony.

Friends and family joined the happy couple at City Hall in Dublin for the ceremony and then to the reception at Lisnavagh House, Co. Carlow.

Donal’s best friend Jonathon joined him at the alter as his best man, both apparently wearing Ted Baker suits. Over 30 of Sofie’s relatives from Sweden travelled to join the couple on their big day, as well as Donal’s parents Dermot and Liz.

Max, the couple’s border collie/jack russel cross, who’s a bit of a big deal on social media apparently, was also at the alter with his loved up owners.

Earlier this week Donal said that Max had been planning his outfit for the big day, he explained that “Max has a new little collar and is coming to the afters.”

Donal and Sofie have been together since 2006. Sofie was visiting Ireland and the pair met when she took a trip to Donal’s native Howth.

When he spoke to the RTÉ Guide earlier this year, Donal admitted he would not be taking charge of the food at his wedding.

He said “I won’t be going near the food for my wedding – we have very good friends who have a restaurant in Drogheda called the Eastern Seaboard and they’re going to be looking after it for us.”

We think he deserved a stress-free day considering he’s been filming in Europe up until quite recently.

Some guests at the wedding have shared their happy snaps of the beautiful pair and Sofie, who chose a simple white gown for her big day looks absolutely fabulous.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



As the marriage referendum fast approaches, those canvassing for the Yes and No side have heated up their efforts to get Irish people to vote a certain way.

In what is one of the most important referendums we as Irish citizens will vote in, a number of celebrities have been vocal about which way they will be voting.

The most recent is Irish celebrity chef, Donal Skehan, who took to Instagram to encourage people to vote Yes with a moving tribute to his best friend. 

Ahead of his wedding to his girlfriend Sophie, Donal asks people to vote Yes so that his future best man, Jonathan, can have the same rights as him.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 5th May, is the last day to ensure you are registered – you can check if you are here


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