Made In Chelsea star is slammed on Twitter after scandal breaks


Made In Chelsea’s resident sweetheart has been well and truly put on blast after it was revealed that she was paid over £3,000 to front a campaign for children’s charity, Barnardos.

The news was first reported in The Sun and claimed she had earned £20,000 for the campaign, though Barnardos have since admitted it was £3,000, and now Twitter users have voiced their disgust that Binky would take money from the charity, rather than volunteer:

However, Binky has hit out at the rumours, calling them ‘total lies’: “Horrified at the total lies in the Sun both for me and Barnados [sic], sick!”

A spokesman for Barnardos also released a statement that read:

“Barnardo’s retail shops are a part of the charity's trading arm and as such operate in a commercial environment. We are soon to launch a new campaign to encourage much-needed donations to our shops. We took a business decision to acquire the support of Alexandra Felstead to bring the appeal to a new and wider audience. We expect the campaign to increase donations significantly and will be monitoring its impact on our sales. Barnardo's does not usually pay celebrities who support our work with the most vulnerable children across the UK.”

Hmm, this certainly won't do Binky's 'good girl' image any good at all!