Cheating scandal is about to hit Sloane Square


We smell a rat on Sloane Square – of the cheating variety.

Series seven of Made In Chelsea returns to our screen on Monday and it seems there’s trouble in Prada purse paradise between Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton.

Binky and Alex’s relationship was pretty much on the rocks when we left them at the end of the last series.

Binky’s BBF Lucy Watson had made no secret of having a soft spot for the hunky toff and the relationship between Alex and his ex-girlfriend Phoebe Lettice-Thompson was a little too close for comfort.

In a sneak peek of the show ahead of Monday, Binky tells Spencer Matthews that she “doesn’t want any drama” when he asks how their relationship is going.

And there’s more. Fran then tells Binky’s best friend Cheska Hull, “There have been some slightly concerning rumours that he cheated on her.” Spit it out Fran!

This week, Binky’s pal Lucy revealed, “I’m trying to avoid boys to concentrate on work and being a good friend to Binky.

Poor Binks.