Actress reveals products needed to be red carpet ready


Just before she attended the New York premiere of Noah, Emma Watson revealed just how much goes into looking ‘naturally’ beautiful.

The 23-year-old shared the following picture on her Twitter page with the caption: “Couldn’t have survived today without…”


Products in the snap included skin soother, Batiste Dry Shampoo, make-up mist, radiance booster, concealer kit, nail polish and skin illuminator.

The actress obviously likes to be prepared for emergencies as well, along with a few safety pins there was a Guardian angel pin and stain remover. She has also included an iPhone, barely there knickers and a GHD.

The Harry Potter star clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously as she tweeted a picture of her finished look with the caption: “I did NOT wake up like this!”

It’s refreshing to see a celeb who is honest about the work put in to achieve the coveted red carpet look.