8 festival beauty must-haves


If you are heading to one of the many festivals happening across the country this summer, you might already be panicking about how to stay gorgeous, even though you are slumming it in a tent.

Here are 8 must–have items that will keep you looking gorgeous even if you won’t be showering for a few days…

Batiste shampoo
This will become your best friend. Pick one with a fragrance to hide the fact that not only is your hair greasy but also kind of smells….

Do not leave your house without packing this in your bag. Seriously, no one will thank you if you forget it.

Tinted moisturiser
After a few sleepless nights and one to many drinks your skin will be left looking dull and grey. A tinted moisturiser will make you look more awake.

We may sound like your mother  saying this but don’t forget the suncream. Red skin is not attractive.

No need for thick, heavy make-up at a festival. Bring along a concealer for hiding any blemishes.

Great for opening up your eyes and it can also double up as eyeliner.

Lip balm
Festivals mean festival selfies! Make sure your lips are ready by bringing along a lip balm that you can also use as a blusher.

Baby wipes
To clean your face and body of course!