15 precious memories that will take 00s girls back to their school-days

That time of year is upon us again when all the kids head back to school. 

The shops are filled with stationary, uniforms, school bags and lunch boxes.

But while they moan and complain that life isn't fair, we take a look back at the things that only girls of the noughties will understand.

Get ready for memories to come flooding back:


1.The moment your teacher wheeled in the MASSIVE television to your classroom you knew it was movie time (aka. nap time).


2. The SHAME of being told to stand outside the class because you were being bold (but really you are a hilarious entertainer loved by your peers).


3. The battle you had with your mother to get a cool pair of Kickers as your new school shoes. She rarely gave in *sob*.


4. When you got a substitute teacher rather than your normal teacher – which meant ZERO work and having all the bants.


5. Adding amaze WordArt to your homework and school projects. 


6. Homework journals were a blank canvas – any available sticker/picture of hot celebrity filled the pages instead of actual homework. 


7. Writing on your schoolbag with Tip-Ex or a big black marker. Because that's how you expressed yourself, obvs. 


8. The dreaded bleep test. But you secretly made a pact with your BFF to drop out after round 2. 


9. New stationary – you hated going back to school but shopping for stationary was the highlight of your summer.


10. Your German aural exam beginning… and all you can remember are the words bibliothek, diskothek and nein. 


11. Texting under the table with your Nokia – and being able to text without looking because the phone buttons were oh-so HUGE. 


12. Finding out your teacher's first name. #Insiderknowledge.


13. Rolling up the waistband of your skirt – just so one centimetre of flesh could be seen.


14. MSN – where every teenage love affair blossomed.


15. When you FINALLY left school – which involved writing on each others worn out shirts, asking your favourite teacher to sign your memory book and crying loads – only to remember you'll see everyone down the local in an hour.