The worst things about being the youngest sibling at school


Back-to-school time is never going to be nice, add being the youngest child to the mix and it all goes downhill from there. Yes, we admit, there are good things about being the youngest – lots of clothes to rob, make-up to use or people to look up to – but not at the end of autumn. No, the end of the summer is never a good time to be the youngest, here’s why:

The hand-me-downs  
The jumper is almost threadbare and at least five times its original size. Not to mention the skirt that has been adjusted more times than you care to remember. It’s gone through three older sisters and is just about wearable. Just.

Second hand schoolbooks

We’re glad when they change the curriculum, at least you might get a better chance of getting a new book. All we want is one new book to bring to school. Just. One. 

Getting your sisters’ old teacher
For the next year you’ll just be compared to your older, cleverer sister. Prepare for ‘oh your sister was top of the class with that subject’.

Choosing the same subjects as your sister
Sometimes suggested as a great idea by the mother who claims it’s so your sister will be able to help you. Don’t believe her – it’s to save money on books.  

Sports time
If you don’t pick [insert sport that your sister excelled at] like your big sis, mum and dad will worry that you are going off the rails.

The ‘old uniform’

You have never had a new uniform, not even when the school changed it. You are the only one sitting in class wearing the old one – even the teachers feel sorry for you.