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All those ‘back to school’ signs used to give us the chills – but now? Well, we’re just filled with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Here are ten reasons why we really, really wish we were going back to school in September:

New shoes
Ok, so they were boring, old, clunky black shoes that you wouldn’t be caught dead in now, but we’d be lying if we said that each year we weren’t filled with excitement at the thought of going shoe shopping. And despite the constant disappointment, we always retained a little bit of hope that this year, we would get nice shoes and be the envy of everyone at school.

Empty promises to ourselves
The endless empty promises, how we loved those: “This year I’m going to get up early EVERY morning and look fantastic every day!”, “I’ll keep my copy SO tidy this year. I mean it.”, “I’m going to make salad for lunch every day – no more curry chips!” Now we have to wait all the way till New Year to make promise we know we won’t keep. It’s not fair!

Because if we were going back to school, we’d have had three months off
Instead, we’ve only had one week off! Imagine how much stuff you could get done in THREE months? Why didn’t we become a teacher like our mothers wished we would? WHY?

Oh, we love a bit of stationary here at SHEmazing!, we really do. Going back to school was the perfect excuse to invest in new pens, pencils, A4 pads, folders, pencil cases (even though the one from last year is perfectly fine), folder dividers…we could go on forever.

We’d get to see our friends more often
Nowadays we don’t get to see them half as much, and when we do we’re all wrecked from work. We really didn’t know how good we had it in school, did we?

Getting to day-dream all day
Even if you were totally bored by your teacher, at least you could just engage in some good old fashioned day dreaming. If they caught you and asked you to repeat the last thing they said, you’d have a great laugh at lunch about your little mishap. You can’t do that in work!

Not having to think about what to wear
As much as we hated wearing a uniform, we can now appreciate the value of not having to decide on what to wear each morning. Imagine how much time you'd save?

Less of a commute
Well this depends on where you went to school of course, but in general, your commute to school was nothing compared to your commute to work these days. Even if it was a long one, at least someone else was doing the driving, so you could snooze in the back.

Free classes
Whispered rumours that the teacher is sick have been circling all day, but you don’t want to get your hopes up. Then the principal walks into the classroom to tell you all to take out your books and study, as Mrs. McDonald won’t be in today, “but you have enough to be getting on with, I’m sure.”  Cue teenage hysteria and a LOT of paper aeroplanes.

The simplicity
At the time, school seemed like a jungle. Now? It seems like a walk in the park compared to real life. Bring us back, please!



Reading about how mortified Lauren Goodger is about her ex, releasing that sex tape to the public, has just made us ever more adamant about how you should NEVER make one, no matter how lovely your boyfriend is. Here are ten reasons why:

Your boss could see it
At least Lauren Goodger is a celebrity – they can get away with all kinds of things and still manage to rake in some cash (just ask Kim Kardashian). Us mere mortals, however, could face some serious backlash if our bosses saw us getting our rocks off.

It won’t look good
Let’s face it, doggy style is not a good look. You’re better off not knowing the reality of what you look like during sex. Ignorance is bliss in this situation.

It won’t sound good
Have you ever listened back to a recording of yourself and been horrified at the sound of your own voice? Do you really want to hear what you sound like just before the big O? Once again, ignorance really is bliss.

Your MOTHER could see it
You’d never be able to go home again! You’d actually have to move to a different country and remove yourself from the family completely. Oh, dear God. It’s not worth the risk.

Your future CHILDREN could see it
They’ll probably be more embarrassed than you, but would you really want to do that to them?

Your future boyfriends won’t be impressed
You might not end up with the person you’re with in the sex tape, so imagine how a future boyfriend would feel if he came across it? You could be ruining the love life of future you.

He might show it to his friends
Do you really want them all watching you do THAT? We didn’t think so.

People could see it, and then comment on your performance
Talk about making you super paranoid! NO thanks!

Your Twitter account might be flooded with abuse
People really let loose on social media about what they REALLY think of you, and this will do nothing for your self-confidence.

It’s just too risky
Just don’t do it – the mortification that could ensue isn’t worth it.