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Soon there will be no need for words at all as we’ll be able write in pure emoji.

Well, that’s how it seems anyway since 72 new emojis have been added to the emojipedia.

The flamingo dancers and the princess will finally have their happy endings with the new dancing man and prince additions.

You no longer have to be plain old sick as you can now choose a sneeze emoji or a green nauseated face.

You can subtly imply someone is telling porkies with a long-nosed Pinocchio or go all out with a full on facepalm.

And clearly taking note of the new universal love of brunch there’s pancakes, avocados, croissants and bacon.  Thank God for that!

According to the New York Times that's not all  Apple has planned for emoji lovers.

They have reported that the tech giant is adding a very special texting feature to their phones – an emoji button which will highlight all the “emojifiable” words in your messages and convert them to emoji for you.

So when you think a picture would do the job of a thousand words, your phone will find that picture for you.




We’d be the first to admit that we’d be lost without our phones, but between the scaldy battery life and the constant messages which insist we’re out of storage, that thing can REALLY get on our last nerve.

Thankfully, however, it looks like the good folk at Apple have finally wised-up and realised most of us would rather hang on to cherished snaps than scroll through the Stocks app. (Who'd have thought it?!)

Yep, those whizzkids over in the States are now allowing us to delete the default apps we never use!

But instead of taking credit for this welcome move at Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference yesterday, the tech giant waited until savvy Apple-lovers noticed that the default apps could now be purchased on the App store.

That’s right, ladies, if you can purchase them on the App store that means you can delete them too!

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough good news, those tech superstars have also unveiled iOS10 which, among other things, offers users even more flexibility when it comes to its Messaging service.

From instantly replacing words with emojis to sending handwritten notes, this is the kind of tech wizardry we can definitely get on board with.

Check this out.



The Clerys building on Dublin's O'Connell Street has been vacant for nearly a year, and now tech giant Apple are set to take over. 

According to The Irish Times, Natrium, the organisation that purchased the store for €29m, is trying to lease it out to the iPhone makers.

Apple has no official store in Ireland yet, and reports are suggesting that negotiations between the two businesses have been ongoing for several months.

Clerys' closure saw the loss of nearly 500 jobs and sparked numerous protests from employees last year. No matter what though, that beautiful building will always be Clerys to us. 



Another day, another phising scam, right?

It seems we hear about these things so often that it's easy to become desensitised to the issue, but it's important to stay on top of these things if you want to keep your personal details…well…personal!

Apple have this week issued a warning to customers to be aware of a spam message which is currently doing the rounds, and requests recipients to click on a particular link.

"Your Apple ID is due to expire today. Prevent this by confirming your Apple ID at http://appleexpired.co.uk – Apple Inc," it reads.

As always, you are advised to avoid clicking on the link, which requests a user's iCloud username and password, and then flag the spam message in order to avoid any potential stress.

Crisis averted!



Three Apple plants in Cork had to be fully evacuated this morning, after an anonymous threat left staff fearing for their safety. 

Over 4,000 employees were evacuated from the tech giant's three centres at Lavitt's Quay, Holyhill and Model Farm Road.

Gardaí soon arrived at the scene, with the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) team also on standby.

According to  RTÉ, no viable device was found, meaning staff are now safe to return to work – although other outlets are reporting that the threat still remains.

It's believed the threat was linked to 'several' anonymous emails, though it's not known what information they contained.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users have been having fun with the news:

Certainly an interesting start to Monday for those 4,000 employees.



If you are an iPhone user, you are more than likely aware of those annoying non-deletable apps that plague your phone. 

We have never needed to check the Stocks and we really don't know what the Wallet app does? Oh and we have enough friends already without the Find Friends application (but your guess is as good as ours as to how it works). 

Well, instead of trying to hide these apps by putting them all into a folder and doing your best to forget about them, one tech savvy YouTuber has finally given us a simple solution to rid ourselves of these useless apps for good. 

Now unfortunately you cannot actually delete the apps permanently from your phone (curse you Apple!), but you CAN hide them permanently from your home screen meaning you don't ever have to actually look at them again. 


Tech vlogger, videosdebarriquito, demonstrates in this handy little video exactly how you can do this. 

Careful though, because he doesn't show you how to get them back once they are hidden! 




We all know the drill. 

We have charged our phone to the max before a night out but after 140 seconds of Snapchat stories, three Instagram posts and approximately thirteen selfies later, our phone is dead before we even hit the queue for the nightclub. 

And don't even getting us started on making it through the day. 

Well Apple has finally heard all our battery complaints and has designed a handy little device to add a serious amount of battery power to even the most lifeless of smartphones. 

And it does not involve an external battery pack, cable or a second phone. 

The latest product to hit the Apple store is a phone case for the Iphone 6 and 6s which has a discreet battery attached to the back. 

While the case adds a little bit of bulk to the back and bottom of the phone, we must say it looks pretty sleek and comes in white and grey shades. 

This powerful little gadget can extend the battery life of the phone adding up to 18 hours of Internet usage or 25 hours of talkage. 

That's pretty much a twenty-four hour battery people. 

The case is currently on the US online Apple store and is retailing at 99 US dollars which works out roughly at 90 euros. 

Is it too late to add this to the ol' Christmas list? 



In the past few years Christmas ads have gained huge popularity, which every major retailer trying to out-do each other. 

But it's not just the retailers anymore as tech giant Apple has pulled out all the stops for its new Christmas ad which features Stevie Wonder and soul singer Andra Day. 

The duo sing Someday At Christmas, and with both of their voices combined, the song sure is something special:



Apple is facing a $5m (€4.5m) lawsuit after two users claimed the company didn't properly warn customers of a feature in the iOS9 update that could leave them with an empty wallet.

Wi-Fi Assist, which is part of the new update, is supposed to ensure users have the strongest Internet connection possible at every time of the day.

But it does this by automatically turning on Wi-Fi Assist if your mobile data or regular Wi-Fi is weak. 

Apple explain to function on their website:

"With Wi-Fi Assist, you can stay connected to the Internet even if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you're using Safari with a poor Wi-Fi connection and a webpage doesn't load, Wi-Fi Assist will activate and automatically switch to cellular so that the webpage continues to load."

William Scott Phillips and Suzanne Phillips, who filed the lawsuit claim that the result of Wi-Fi Assist is huge data charges for every user. They argue that Apple has failed to properly inform users of potential costs, and because of this, everyone should be reimbursed.

"Apple intentionally chose to have the default setting of the Wi-Fi Assist as activated while at the same time chose to omit the likelihood of data overcharges to consumers that do not have an unlimited data plan," Suzanne told AppleInsider.

While Apple say on their site that the increased data usage "should only be a small percentage higher than previous usage" the lawsuit argues this isn't the case.

"Reasonable and average consumers use their iPhones for streaming of music, videos, and running various applications — all of which can use significant data. Defendant's corrective statement does not disclose any basis for its conclusion that an average consumer would not see much increase in cellular usage."

The costly function is turned on by default so it might be worth checking your setting to make sure you don't find yourself with a hefty bill at the end of the month.


We are all only getting to grips with the iWatch, and now it seems that the iRing could soon be available.

The Daily Mail spoke to Internet consultant, Matt Webb about the device: "The ring might carry extra features, such as all your passwords. That would make it like a 21st Century signet ring".

The iRing is said to be multi-tasking jewellery which will take photos, text, tell the time and use a few apps.

A microphone will allow you dictate messages to the ring, while a small camera enables you to take photos.

The new patent for the Apple invention says: "The use of touch-sensitive surfaces as input devices for computers and other devices has increased significantly in recent years."

"A user controls an external electronic device with a finger ring-mounted touchscreen that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source."

"The ring is worn on a first finger and receives an input from a second finger."


Apple pie is a favourite for many. 

Our grannies made them, and our mothers did too – but now we want to have a go!

If you want your apple pie game to be on-point, here a really delicious ways to spice things up a bit:

Apple Pie Pancakes

Whip these amazing apple pie pancakes up for breakfast over the weekend! The smell alone will have everyone rushing to the kitchen.


Apple Pie Pizza

We know, this sounds like a weird one! But dessert pizzas are always a good idea – and this apple pie variation is no different!


Apple Pie Fries

Another savoury but sweet combination! There's no question though that apple pie fries plus a caramel dip is a match made in dessert heaven. 


Mini Apple Pie Cheesecakes

A layer of apple pie is sandwiched between two layers of creamy, fluffy cheesecake in this rendition. Hungry yet?


Apple Pie Caramel Apples

Now this would be a Halloween treat! These caramel apples are the cutest things to have at any party. 


Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Baking the classic apple pie as a bar is so much easier (and tastier!). Just remember to pace yourself!




Last week Apple unveiled their plans for the next iPhone and the internet collectively had a meltdown.

The thoughts of a pink iPhone threw people into a complete whirlwind of emotions, and with the news of their new and improved front facing camera selfie lovers could not contain themselves.

While once upon a time people were skeptical about the iPhone screen size, smartphone users now appear to have embraced the plus sized phones with open arms. Although, there was that small issue of people facing bent phones when they tried to pop them in their pockets.

Now imagine this: a smartphone with a high-resolution screen like the iPhone you love but even bigger, and it can fold in half.

Mashable reports that an insider has said Samsung are in the middle of testing such a device. The rumours claim that the device is not the much-anticipated Galaxy S7, and also that it may only be available in South Korea.

That is not altogether unusual however as the company released the Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved display before they settled on the Galaxy S6 Edge which boasts curved edges. The Galaxy Round was only ever released in South Korea.

The company have previously released concepts for devices with folded displays and it is thought their smartphone would be released in attempts to win over Apple customers. The concept has been floated by the company since 2014, but reports are claiming it could soon be a reality.

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